Strategic Roadmap

goal setting icon

Define goals

Give consignes detailed and numbered. Decline goals by entities.

monitoring targets icon

Follow efficient results

Compare results obtained with goals. Challenge your teams.

tool customisation icon

Duplicate your roadmaps

Decline your performance plans into many roadmaps. Compare performances from your roadmaps.

Monitor your goals realisation through roadmap


Roadmaps enable to declare goals for your action plans in order to compare them to realisation.

Schedule goals

Assign goals of realisation for your action plans, by indicator and by perimeter.

Define many roadmaps

You can define many roadmaps for one or many action plans.

Compare with realisations

Use Perf Monitof reports to consolidate indicators of realisation et compare them to your goals.

Creation of a roadmap

During the creation of a roadmap, you define first the perimeter which will be used for your goals: by diretion? By strategy? By action plans?

You then define indicators or group of indicators on which you fix your goals.

Perf Monitor - Management des Feuilles des routes stratégique du plan