Project team planning: Testimonials from 3 customers Project Monitor

3 of our customers talk about project team planning at the 1st episode 2022 of the PM Club, the event dedicated to Virage Group solution administrators.

Resource planning is a key issue in project portfolio management. Our latest developments at Project Monitor help to meet this challenge. Our 3 witnesses of the day were able to address a number of questions, such as:

  • What are the criteria for choosing one resource over another?
  • Is it an external or internal resource?
  • How do you approach the notion of skills?
  • Can we rely on the organization's hierarchies?
  • Should the resource be generic, or named from the outset?
  • How can we make the most of our resources?

🎙Au micro

  • Clément LALANNE for Heppner
  • Solange EXCOFFIER for the Haute-Savoie department.

→ 3 different viewpoints, 3 different uses, 3 key testimonials on project team planning

project team planning round table