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Digital transformation has taken hold in all sectors of activity, and the supply chain and freight transport sector is no exception to this trend. In a globalized world where speed and efficiency are paramount, technological innovation plays a key role in optimizing product flow management. From planning to execution, via real-time monitoring, digitization offers innovative solutions for improving operational performance. The adoption of technological tools such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, blockchain, or even the IoT (Internet of Things) increases the transparency, flexibility and responsiveness of the supply chain. As a result, digital transformation in the supply chain and freight transport sector is shaping up to be a key driver of competitiveness and sustainability for 21st-century businesses.


  • Facilitate exchanges between multi-disciplinary project teams including CIO, PMO, Logistics Development Manager, Operational Manager, Supply Chain Project Manager, within a single project platform.
  • Allocate and plan resources according to availability in real time using capacity schedule
  • Set up governance rules for project templates and support Supply Chain Management
  • Streamline project methodology within departments

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The benefits of our Project Portfolio Management software for Supply Chain companies

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  • Easier management of team availability: Resource planning via capacity schedule for a clearer view of the workload.
  • Stop "launching projects in the dark": Collection and arbitration of requests in a single tool, vision shared by all (IT, Businesses, DG) in the form of dashboards of upcoming projects and requests.
  • Adjust project management practices with the introduction of project weather forecasts, flash reports, project progress and risk monitoring.
  • Facilitate project portfolio reviews during steering meetings to track monitoring and performance indicators

Downloadable guide

Supply Chain - How to optimize IT resource planning?

The Group Project Manager, Logistics Project Development Manager and Project Innovation Director at Heppner, Chronopost, DPD-GeoPost and Intermarché contributed to this guide.

Your challenge is to be able to assess the capacity of your teams to handle the workload? And make it easier to decide whether to launch projects?

Find out how to optimize your resource planning in this guide:

✔️Affecterand plan resources according to their availability in real time with capacity schedule supply chain

✔️Mettreset up governance rules for project templates and support supply chain management

✔️Rationaliserproject methodology within departments

✔️Descase studies & feedback from logistics project managers

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The notion of PMO came into being in 2015, when we acquired the PPM tool from Virage Group , which led us to rethink our organization. We are fairly mature in terms of schedule, needs and resources. The financial side is our major area of development. Our project method is rather "in-house", rather V-cycle, with agility on certain project phases on the design and realization part. "

Stéphane GRAVIT


We had a tool to see past workloads, but we had no vision of the workload to be planned. We couldn't factualize and anticipate the workload in relation to the projects to be carried out. We had a tendency to accept all projects despite warnings from our teams: we're not sure, but it's going to happen! Project Monitor is a software solution that helps us to have a vision of resource planning, but also more broadly to analyze ROI on time spent and better structure our strategic projects.

Clément Lalanne, Group Project Manager at Heppner


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"The first objective was to track the time spent, but also the time we plan to spend on a project. Our big difficulty is to choose among all the project requests, as our resources are limited like any other company. This is a very important managerial act. Thanks to Project Monitor, we can see how many man-days we have available. Project dashboards, workload plans and time tracking are the basis for making decisions about launching projects.

Hugues de Maussion - Director of the Projects and Information Systems Innovation Department (DIPSI) at the launch of Project Monitor


The real issue is choosing what to work on and what our priorities should be. We can't afford to spread ourselves too thin. And now we come to the guardian of convergence: Project Monitor. Project Monitor gives us visibility, segmentation and sharing of our project portfolio.

Hugues de Maussion - CIO DPDgroup


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  1. Functional scalability : targeted, progressive activation of application features
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