Management tools for local authorities


  • Steering the digital roadmap for citizens
  • Handling requests from secondary schools to the Education & Youth department
  • Manage a vast portfolio of projects, combining decision-making with all the players involved while ensuring on-time delivery and respect for resources


  • Ensure transparency on project progress between the Digital Department, the Real Estate Department, the DGS / DGA and elected representatives.
  • Centralize and arbitrate requests
  • Manage monitoring committees with dashboards
  • Monitor project progress (schedule)
  • Ensuring the ability to do (resource management)

We have been a member of coTer Numérique
since 2015.

+More than 70 local authorities have already chosen our solutions!

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Project monitor made us abandon our Excel files for budget preparation and monitoring for good. Compared to Excel, the PPM tool Project Monitor is more reliable. In fact, it has enabled us to save 1 day's accounting time to... 1 hour!

Sandrine CHABANNES - Accounting and Contracts Unit Manager

The plan for implementing the digital roadmap is at the heart of our work and thinking. For its implementation, we're applying the same principles that governed our choice of scenarios. We have chosen Project Monitor, a project portfolio management tool.

Mona IZABELLE - General Delegate for Transformation


The benefits of our software for local authorities

  • One common tool for managing projects and operations: project tracking, schedule, milestones, resources
  • Restructuring the multi-year project portfolio
  • Integrate all stages of the project budget life cycle
  • Adjustment of project management practices with the introduction of project weather forecasts, flash reports, project progress and risk monitoring.
  • Facilitation and moderation of project portfolio reviews during steering meetings to track monitoring and performance indicators

How to manage actions to achieve water policy objectives?

We support water utilities and local authorities with our project portfolio management software Project Monitor :

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8 reasons why over 250 organizations have joined us

  1. Functional scalability : targeted, progressive activation of application features
  2. Business experience : 20 years of project support
  3. Customer community a network and shared knowledge built around project management
  4. Easy adoption: take control of your projects and your project platform
  5. Information system integration  link the software to your IT system with ease via libraries of native connectors and webservices
  6. Simple, elegant designyour project platform doesn’t have to be an eyesore!
  7. Ultra-competitive TCO : a price without unpleasant surprises
  8. Consultancy DNA: support for bespoke implementation
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