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A publisher with heart and ambition

We are a software company that has been supporting our customers for over 15 years. Our ambition is simple: to provide excellent solutions to those who are building the future. And we believe in the duo of technology and people. No software without consulting. Software and consulting!

Working at Virage Group means choosing a professional playground with no limits. We work for major groups, SMEs, central and local government bodies, hospitals, manufacturers, distributors... Our double-digit growth is constantly generating new career opportunities.

We're autonomous and we're attentive to theprofessional development of each individual. It's a state of mind of benevolence towards colleagues and customers. It's a source of pride to be part of #viragepeople.

Whether in our customer relations or in our corporate life, the values of simplicity, proximity and adaptability prevail. We're constantly on the lookout for new talent to join our technical and sales teams. Interested? Interested? Let's talk future together...

A team in #viragepeople mode

Working at VIRAGE Group means joining a team that's a bit geeky, sometimes sporty and above all very attentive to others! Caring and mutual support are at the heart of our approach.

Do you think you're ready to participate in the development of a human-scale company? Use your skills to help the team? Be a driving force behind proposals?

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Discover the portraits of Simon, Laëtitia, Amandine, Sophie and Rafael!

Simon - Development Engineer

Simon development engineer virage group

Who are you?

My name is Simon, and I'm a development engineer in VIRAGE's Technical Department. My main mission is to contribute to the development of our software offering (designing and coding new features and correcting bugs). As we want everyone to cultivate several skills, I'm also involved in technology watch, operating our SaaS platforms and Proof Of Concept for our customers.

When and how did you join Virage ?

I joined the company in 2013. Before that, I was working on an application that also did project management, but on a different technology. One of the reasons I was recruited was to get a different perspective.

VIRAGE in 3 words?

" Family-oriented " because we're a close-knit team where everyone knows everyone else. "Dynamic", because we have to be responsive to interesting customer requests that are not necessarily foreseen in schedule. Interesting" because we work on a variety of technologies and subjects. I was originally hired as a Java engineer, but we do a lot more than that.

Laëtitia - Head of Sales Administration and General Services

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Laëtitia, I'm the best colleague! [laughs]

I'm in charge of sales administration, i.e. invoicing, quotes and order follow-up. But I also take care of luncheon vouchers, I tap the fingers of latecomers for activity recording, and I also issue pay slips.

When did you start at Virage ?

I joined Virage in 2009 as an apprentice to a BTS (2-year technical diploma) in Business Administration, to change jobs completely. VIRAGE believed in me, despite my atypical background. They must have liked the fact that I was nice, funny and smiling[laughs].

What if I told you... VIRAGE ?

"Convivial", it's pleasant to work at VIRAGE. "We don't get bored", that's more than three words, but it's important not to get bored in your job. And the third word is "family-friendly".

If VIRAGE were a sportsman?

VIRAGE would be the guy, whose name I forget[Ivan Fernandez], who runs races and marathons. At one race, he caught up with the leader who had slackened off a little before the finish line. And instead of overtaking him, he encouraged him to finish, and let him win the race. I think there's a real supportive side to VIRAGE.

Laetitia Sales Administration Virage

Amandine - Sales Manager

amandine sales department virage group

Can you describe yourself?

I'm Amandine, Sales Manager at Virage. I'm in charge of defining and overseeing the sales strategy to ensure the growth and deployment of the customer base.

How did you get started at VIRAGE ?

I joined Virage in September 2016 as a pre-sales assistant. I was in Canada and wanted to come back to France. I applied for an offer that corresponded in every way to what I wanted: a company on a human scale, based in Nantes, and the solution appealed to me. I was made to feel very welcome: the team is friendly, and you feel like you're part of a small family. No stress and lots of responsibility!

VIRAGE in a few words?

"Nice" because people are nice (like Laëtitia!)[laughs]. "Motivating", because word of mouth gets around... and great projects are born! And "Trust", because it's easy for people to trust you at VIRAGE and your opinion is taken into account.

If VIRAGE were a dessert?

A fondant with a runny caramel heart: from the outside, it looks like any other chocolate cake, but as soon as you open explodes in your mouth! And caramel (salted, of course) for that little Breton touch!

Sophie - Product Communication Manager

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm Sophie, Product Communications Manager at Virage. I arrived in March 2020, the day before the containment announcement... A very peculiar period but one in which I was able to prove myself all the same, after a Master's degree in Translation & Technical Communication.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My job is to make the use of our software more accessible. So I really enjoy empowering customers and putting a smile on their faces 😊 I'm a person who aspires to knowledge, and this job teaches me a lot every day.

VIRAGE in 3 words?

Family: everyone knows each other and helps each other out - it's a great place to work! Versatility: we each have a multitude of skills and knowledge, which we bring together to create and sell the best possible product. Confidence: we trust our abilities, we trust each other, and our customers trust us 😊

If VIRAGE were a book, it would be...

Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours (Around the world in eighty days), by Jules Verne, because he's an author from Nantes, like us. VIRAGEand that we, too, can make the craziest of bets, even after so many adventures!

sophie product communications manager virage group

Rafael - Functional Consultant

rafaet functional consultant virage group

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm Rafaël, a functional consultant at Virage. I'm in charge of implementing solutions for our customers: gathering their needs, configuring their platform, training administrators and project managers. So I'm on hand throughout deployment to advise customers on their choices and support them through the change.

When and how did you join Virage ?

I joined Virage in August 2020 as a work-study student. At the time, I was doing a 1-year professionalization contract, alternating between classes at my engineering school and implementation projects at VIRAGE. I was lucky enough to be hired at the end of my contract and to continue my adventure at Virage !

VIRAGE in a few words?

Convivial: the atmosphere is very good, everyone knows each other and doesn't hesitate to share tips, ideas and sometimes even late nights!

If VIRAGE were a dish?

Paella! It's a gourmet dish with a wide range of recipes: meat, fish, vegetables... there's something for everyone!