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Don't let a lack of visibility jeopardize your commitments and investments.

With our Project Portfolio Management software - Project Monitor :

  • Access essential data on your project portfolio
  • Restore trust between project managers, business units and management
  • Guarantee that each investment generates the expected value

Transform your project management with
our simple, adaptable solution, inspired by our community of users.

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+ Over 200 organizations and 50,000 users place their trust in us

Kuhn - ppm CIO group

What our customers observe with the use of Project Monitor :


Difference between forecast and actual project budget less than 10%.


Average project duration reduced by 30%.


More frequent and simplified project reviews


100% of current projects are known


Project reporting reduced by up to 25%.


Steering committees and project reviews 3 times faster


Onboarding project managers 6 times faster


20% reduction in management control workload

Financial management integrated into your projects

Whether it's drawing up the budget for the year or monitoring financial execution, money is the "lifeblood of projects".

Companies are often faced with the challenge of juggling project management and budget control. Project managers often lack the necessary tools to effectively assume the role of cost controller, sometimes resulting in delays, budget overruns and inefficient resource allocation. 

This can have a significant impact on project profitability. Costs can quickly exceed planned budgets, resulting in late deliveries, inefficient use of resources and dissatisfied stakeholders. 

Have a comprehensive solution to transform your project managers into seasoned financial managers. With Project Monitor :

  • Integrate budget management  
  • Facilitate financial monitoring  
  • Automate financial reporting  
Visual budget
Visual Alignment

Strategic alignment

Optimize the value of each project while minimizing time and costs with our PPM software - Project Portfolio Management.

Are you having trouble ensuring that every project makes a significant contribution to your organization's overall success?

With our PPM solution, you can :

  • Establish a solid link between your company's strategic objectives and current projects
  • Evaluate the relevance of each project to strategic priorities in real time
  • Efficiently allocate resources to the most crucial initiatives
  • Monitor the progress of each project to minimize delays and unforeseen costs

The right resources for the right projects

You've said "yes" to your manager to launch this new project that's close to his heart... But you don't really know if you have the necessary availability in your teams.

If you're lucky, you'll deliver the project a little late. But more likely, you'll demotivate your teams by adding to their workload. You're going to jeopardize current project assignments. You make a decision on a project that will impact the entire project portfolio.

By activating the Project Monitor resource module, you can :

  • Know the workload of your resources (projects and activities)
  • Centralize key information on your teams: skills, availability, costs, days worked, etc.
  • Allocate and plan available resources in "multi-project" mode
  • Monitor time spent and continuously update remaining workloads
  • Draw up load charts based on the nature of projects and typical phases
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Downloadable guide

Estimate the benefits of PPM - Project Portfolio Management software for your organization

Are you looking for concrete examples of how to drive change?

👉 Our guide is based on case studies. It will guide you in demonstrating the benefits of project portfolio management software.

An alternative to office files and complex, time-consuming solutions!

Choose Project Monitor, an all-in-one PPM solution:


Inform, alert, decide with relevant information. Make "informed" decisions

Time tracking

Ensure the activity tracking of your collaborators. Track activity across all allocated projects.

Ideas & requests

Identify, analyze and prioritize requests. Your portfolios aligned with your challenges and availability.


Visualize your project schedules with Gantt charts and timelines. Your deadlines are under control.


Staff, track, and adjust resources. Gain visibility into capacity planning and remaining work.


Plan, track, and re-estimate the budgets of your projects. Analyze the financial performance of your projects with precision.


Exchange, animate and deploy information through reports, file sharing, e-mail reminders, IS connectors.

Project follow-up

Easily obtain your data in project tracking sheets, exportable to PPT for your meetings.

Our customers say it best

Wurth - ppm supermarket industry

"We have divided by 3 the time spent on the production of our project reviews".

Jean-Pierre Warion, 

Manager of the Microcomputing and Messaging Department CIO

Haute Savoir Department - logo PPM PMO

"We have saved 1 day a week on project management control".

Sandrine Chabannes,

Head of Accounting, Contracts unit

Mousquetaires - Intermarché - logo PPM PMO logistics

"We have reduced the overall duration of logistics programs and projects by 30%".

Stéphane Gravit,

Logistics Development Manager - Projects

Success built for project managers with a large community

+ 50 000


+ 200


+ 20 years


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