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Virage Days: an event dedicated to piloting managers

Combining conferences, workshops and networking, this event brings together experts to discuss IT, PPM and management issues.

The " Virage Days" are a series of testimonials, expert reports and workshops, connecting managers with project management and action plans.

In 2022, the event brought together some 100 steering experts: IT Systems Directors, PMOs, Digital Transformation Directors, steering experts and consultants from transformation firms.

The Virage Days 2022 event featured exceptional speakers such as DPDgroup's CIO , Hugues de Maussion, Engie's Performance Director, Marc Verstraete, and Alptis Assurances' PMO, Joseph Pares.

Highlights of 2022:

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The PM Club: Listening to our software users

The best laboratory for our software will always be its users. Involvement with our customers enables VIRAGE Group to see what works and what doesn't, and to gather feedback on software expectations.

The Product Roadmap that we share every year at the PM Club is mainly driven by our customers.

VIRAGE Group brings together professionals who share the same culture of quality and results. This translates into a focus on objectives, a constant concern for added value, and unwavering commitment to customer and partner satisfaction.

The PM Club has been a favorite of our customers for over 10 years (average score 8.8/10).

PM CLUB 2022 highlights:

  • Customer testimonial on resource planning: Interview with Group Projects Manager Clément LALANNE - Heppner, transport and logistics group
  • Round table: cross-views on project team planning: participants were Solange EXCOFFIER from CD74, Céline DÉSERT from VYV3 and Clément LALANNE from Heppner.
  • MasterClass on resource planning in Project Monitor
  • Thematic workshops

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