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The challenges steering system for social housing players


In the Social Housing sector, social housing players need to identify a number of priority areas and propose concrete solutions to improve tenant satisfaction, employee commitment, and meet the expectations of elected representatives.

Project management for DPOs is an essential task to ensure the efficient realization of public housing projects. DPOs are responsible for providing quality, affordable housing to their citizens, and project management is crucial to achieving this goal. It involves careful planning, coordination of resources, supervision of key milestones and ongoing evaluation to ensure that projects are proceeding according to expectations and established standards. Project management for DPOs also requires clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including residents, local authorities and suppliers. This ensures smooth collaboration and promotes acceptance of projects within the community.


  • Meet deadlines for Roadmap objectives with a view to continuous improvement of service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Supporting construction projects and their challenges related to the ecological transition and architectural revolutions
  • Have a transversal vision of projects for General Management
  • Communicate with confidence and transparency to local elected officials with clear and precise information on costs, deadlines and results
  • Be able to respond to requests to resolve malfunctions

"Since we set up Project Monitor , project managers have been able to concentrate on their added value rather than on the "administrative" part of project management. Exchanges are more qualitative, because the CP concentrates on the elements he wants to challenge and share."
The tool prepares the points to arbitrate, the schedules to follow, the resources to use. The tool structures project management. Project managers can concentrate on their added value, such as analysis, complements and follow-ups.
Project Monitor allows you to zoom in from the top for management's strategic vision, then zoom out to the operational level for project managers.

Tiphaine Birmingham: Sponsor and Deputy General Manager in charge of the Tenant Life and Service Quality Department



The benefits of our project portfolio management software for DPOs

  • A single platform to manage all cross-functional projects (CIO, Construction, Customer Service...)
  • Facilitation and moderation of project portfolio reviews during steering meetings to track monitoring and performance indicators
  • Adjustment of project management practices with the introduction of project weather forecasts, flash reports, project progress and risk monitoring.
  • A comprehensive view of activity (project, support, etc.), tracking schedule and tasks
  • Optimized resource management with a view to capacity schedule and time recording

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