Your management challenges at the heart of our software and services

Over the past 20 years, more than 250 organizations have met their management challenges with our software and our teams. Over the years, we have questioned, refined and enriched our offerings... It's a process of continuous improvement of our software and services for the benefit of our customers.

VIRAGE was developed with and for our customers. All these experiences have forged and inspired our fundamentals:

  • Our vision: Improve the efficiency of teams building the future
  • Our mission: to create simple, adaptable solutions for project and action plan management!
  • Our conviction: combining software and support accelerates the progress of your management practices. 
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An approach mastered over the last 20 years to help you become more mature in your piloting.


Implementation tailored to your business needs. Fun training sessions to get to grips with our tools.


Masterclasses, tutorials, events, feedback from CIO, PMO & Project Managers on Your challenges .

Independent French publisher, open to the world


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Our Consulting DNA at your service

Virage Group started out as a management consultancy. We observed that our customers needed to monitor multiple projects. The solutions proposed were always complicated to use and implement. We decided to become a software publisher, while retaining our consulting DNA. Our software is simple and intuitive, and our training courses are not focused on "How does it work?" but on "How are you going to be able to use it in your business?"




+ More than 250

happy customers


of customer satisfaction


The committed team at Virage Group provides you with personalized support through a variety of media.

The best laboratory for our software will always be its users. By working closely with our customers, VIRAGE Group is able to see up close what works and what doesn't, and to gather information on what they expect from our software.

VIRAGE Group regularly brings its customers together in user clubs and provides access to the community website.

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Wurth - ppm supermarket industry

"We have divided by 3 the time spent on the production of our project reviews".

Jean-Pierre Warion, 

Manager of the Microcomputing and Messaging Department CIO

Haute Savoir Department - logo PPM PMO

"We have saved 1 day a week on project management control".

Sandrine Chabannes,

Head of Accounting, Contracts unit

Mousquetaires - Intermarché - logo PPM PMO logistics

"We have reduced the overall duration of logistics programs and projects by 30%".

Stéphane Gravit,

Logistics Development Manager - Projects


Customized support from our teams throughout the project

Our teams work with you to secure the deployment of your PPM approach. A needs assessment is carried out through a document review and workshops with users. Designing together means transcribing your requirements into the software, and defining its integration into the information system in the case of installations. We then run training sessions to ensure that users are fully operational on the entire management system.

Virage Group is Qualiopi-certified, enabling it to benefit from public or mutualized funding (from the State, Pôle Emploi, OPCO, CPF, Caisse des dépôts, etc.).


Your first steps with our solutions: a personalized meeting to get to know your business and your objectives.


This kick-off is followed by business workshops to implement the software as closely as possible to your needs.


Our support doesn't stop there. We provide you with webinars to present new developments, access to the technical support tool and access to the community site.


Access comprehensive expertise: testimonials, workshops, round tables, masterclasses

Throughout the year, we organize webinars and masterclasses with our customers to share their feedback. You can also take part in Virage Days, a series of testimonials, expertise and workshops, which connect project and action plan managers. Combining conferences, workshops and networking, this event brings together experts in IT, PPM and project management.


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