Training: kick-starting the transformation!

Training on our software, a lever for change in your project management

Once the solution has been configured and adapted to your needs, it's time to roll it out! And then there's the main thing: the meeting between users and the application. Discover our training programs combining pedagogical engineering, software expertise and best practices in project management.

To successfully adopt a management tool, all the technical stages of implementation are crucial: 

  • Configure your platform to suit your challenges projects 
  • Garnish your library with project templates
  • Set up APIs that connect you to the IS
  • Create duly configured and authorized user accounts
  • Check the platform's technical and functional compliance
change management

Too many IT tools fail to live up to their promise, thinking that crossing the technical finish line will be enough to drive transformation. When a company acquires a new software package, two reactions follow: "Great, we've been asking for it for so long...", immediately followed by "... but it's yet another new tool to be trained on". And who hasn't taken a training course where the trainer's monologue brings you closer to "snoozing" than to transformation? None of this is inevitable. Secure your adoption of the software with our tailor-made training courses and launch the transformation.

Our expert project management consultants at your service

Here's what our customers have to say about our training courses:

"Chloé is a very good trainer, she knew how to use an accessible language, show us the functionalities in a logical order so that we understand the meaning of the different menus."

"Good training atmosphere with Lucas. If I have any questions, I first look for the answers in the training support document, in the Knowledge Center, which are very well done!"

"Zyed's explanations were very clear, and I'm very satisfied with this first day of training. I'm already starting to get the hang of the tool."

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Average score of 8.5/10* given by training participants Virage Group
(* average score given in 2023)

face-to-face or distance learning

Training compatible with face-to-face, distance or hybrid learning

access to resources to complement training

Extended training resources: Knowledge Center, Masterclasses and Tutorials

Accessibility training for the disabled

Our training resources are adapted to disabled people.

Consulting, the DNA of our project management expertise

Some SaaS players limit implementation to two on-boarding conf-calls. And the rest is just solo tutorials....

For Virage Group , convinced of the uniqueness of each of its customers, it doesn't stop there. The next step is training your teams and project managers, to transform your project practices.

The story of VIRAGE didn't begin with software. Originally Virage Group was a project management consultancy. Project Monitor Today, the company is the fruit of more than 20 years of working with project managers. And if you count in people rather than years, that's over 50,000 professionals who challenge us every day. Of course, the direct players: project managers, project teams, PMOs, consultants and experts. But also project owners, CIO and all professionals who make project mode the cornerstone of their management.

"Are you a team player when it comes to your projects? Then do the same for training, play collectively and collaboratively!" 

Training is the real start of the transformation! 

The transformation :

Who should attend? 

Above all, our training courses are designed to help you meet your challenges needs. The software is easy to use, and all functions are activated at the click of a mouse. Some profiles won't need any training - a simple presentation will suffice. For those who are at the heart of the transformation, we recommend a commensurate investment in training.

The profiles we recommend training are at least : 

Depending on your challenges and the dynamic you want to create, we can also train project team members, management controllers or in-house trainers. There are no prerequisites for our training courses.

PPM tool CIO

Application manager & PMO

Take the "Administrator" training course. Be autonomous to develop your platform: process configuration, project template management, report library, user account configuration...

Director of Performance and Strategy

Manager & Project Manager

Perform all the actions required to manage your projects & portfolios within the tool (project creation, scheduling, workload management, etc.).


Would you like to be able to train your own staff? This training course is for you: it will give you the keys to transforming your staff into steering players.

How is the training system designed?

It's so simple, yet so well-thought-out, it's tailor-made!

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Sessions with 8 participants are recommended to guarantee the effectiveness of the training system.

Picto Select your format

Tailor-made courses for each customer with our thematic training cycles

Picto Declare your past times

Training courses from 0.5 to 2 days depending on your profile and project management practices

Trainers at your service

At VIRAGE, we run over 250 training days every year. And when the health situation made it difficult to intervene on site, we said to ourselves that we had to transform our training courses: 

  • Compatibility with distance learning (although we still recommend face-to-face learning) 
  • Orchestration through business cases: no more exploring menus and functions without putting them into concrete situations
  • Target, autonomy and improved project management
  • Progress control and visibility of each participant's progress
  • Group dynamics at the service of pedagogy 
  • Fun, interactive and friendly 

How does training work?

Let's take the example of a "project manager" profile. This is generally the type of profile most often represented in training programs:

The cycle is punctuated by 4 beats:

  1. Sharing the business challenge and guided demonstration on Project Monitor
  2. Practical application based on a business case by participants
  3. Share and correct answers
  4. Quiz to check knowledge acquisition

At the end of all cycles, participants are autonomous. They have taken a course designed to address the concrete situations of their life as a project manager.
Asserting it is good, ensuring it is better. Quiz data is made available to the customer. Quizzes validate acquisition? Perfect. Training has launched the transformation. Key knowledge not fully assimilated? You can target additional actions to ensure the correct application of your project management processes.

Our training courses are designed to be delivered both face-to-face and remotely. If the situation allows, we recommend face-to-face training. This creates a group dynamic that enhances learning. This is particularly true when it comes to correcting exercises in real-life situations: sharing both mistakes and best practices encourages the acquisition of knowledge.

Training is delivered directly on your control platform. We train you as closely as possible to your future uses. So with your data, your settings, your projects... Training becomes action training.

After training, if users have any questions, they can find many answers in the Knowledge Center and in the support materials handed out at the end of the course.

Your questions about training

FAQ Virage group
  • Training duration is determined according to profile. They range from 0.5 days to 2 days for complete courses.
  • The aim of our training courses is to make you autonomous in the use of the application, and above all to transform your practices. Functions are good, but knowing why to use them is better.
  • Our training courses are always adapted to your context. We customize them to focus on the essentials. They are also adapted to the different profiles of the people involved in your projects.
  • Training materials are made available to all participants. This makes it possible to replay practical cases. And if you have any questions about how to use the application, you'll find a Knowledge Center full of resources (memos, guides, video tutorials, Masterclasses...).
  • Our training courses are adapted to each context. Prices are quoted on request. The cost will depend on the time required to prepare the teaching resources, the number of sessions to be run and the location of the training courses. Rates include unlimited access to all training resources.
  • There are two possible scenarios: training as part of an initial implementation of our platforms, or a subsequent session as part of an upgrade or extension of use. In the case of an initial implementation, training sessions are included in the general project schedule . They take place once the configuration has been validated and the system has been put into service. Timescales vary according to the scale of the project, and range from 1 to 3 months after project launch. In the case of later sessions, training sessions are generally held 3 to 4 weeks after approval. This timeframe is mainly conditioned by the organization of schedules and the dispatch of training invitations to future trainees.
  • Our training courses are available in French or English.
  • Our training courses are adapted and adaptable to people with disabilities: If the training/service takes place in your organization, our disability advisor will contact you to identify and implement accommodation solutions. Prior to the course, he or she will ensure that the rules governing accessibility and reception of disabled people are respected at the training venue. =>If the training/service takes place at Virage group , we will make sure that the venue complies with accessibility and reception rules for people with disabilities. =>If the training/course takes place at a distance, digital solutions will be put in place to guarantee the best possible follow-up conditions. For more information, please contact us to be put in touch with our disability referent.
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Qualiopi certification - What is it for?

Qualiopi attests to the quality and professionalism of a training provider complying with the criteria of the national quality reference system.

Qualiopi is the only certification that qualifies for public or mutualized funding (from the State, Pôle Emploi, OPCO, CPF, Caisse des dépôts, etc.).

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