How to disseminate project best practices? 


Unlocking the potential of project management is vital for businesses to thrive. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that many projects falter along the way. A study conducted by the Standish Group discovered that a staggering 60% of projects ultimately meet failure. Furthermore, the chances of success diminish as projects become longer and more complex.  

Lack of methodology is one of the main causes of project failure. Without clear organization and methods, project management is doomed to failure.  


Project Monitor a solution for spreading best practices 

The good news is that there are solutions to avoid these risks and make your projects a success.  

It's important to implement clear, well-defined project management methodologies to ensure efficient management and avoid failures.  Project Monitor can be a useful solution for disseminating good project practices within your company and guaranteeing the success of your projects. 

Process structuring & standardization  

By using templates, as proposed by Project Monitor, you can save time in the creation of projects and ensure that all collaborators adhere to the same approach. Project managers can benefit from a standard framework to start their project and know what they are expected to do: typical milestones, typical tasks, health indicators to follow, ...  

The use of standardized templates facilitates information sharing and data consolidation. It also helps define a common repository and framework for managing all your projects. 

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Reporting Harmonization, Streamlined Decision-Making Processes  

Project Monitor supports your project teams in their reporting by enabling them to effortlessly generate document materials in .docx or .pptx format with just one click. There's no need to re-enter data: data from Project Monitor can be generated as a PowerPoint slideshow or Word file.  

Project Monitor allows you to prepare and facilitate your portfolio reviews by centralizing information from each project into a web-based slideshow. Additionally, you can automatically generate detailed reports of your reviews, saving you time and ensuring accurate documentation.

Demand management  

With Project Monitor , you can define clear workflows and process rules for demand management and project prioritization.


Continuous improvement  

By using dashboards and portfolio reviews, you can learn from the experience of previous projects and improve your project management. Time and budget tracking tools can also help you learn from past projects, convert them into charts and save time on creating your future projects. 

Project Monitor has helped us structure reporting and presentation formats and reduce the writing workload for project managers.

Tiphaine Birmingham - Managing Director, Tenant Life and Service Quality

Project Monitor 's key features for disseminating project best practices

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