minutes webinar pmo richemont

How, in less than 3 years, has Richemont's Logistics Department's project portfolio gone from "unmanageable" to exemplary within the Group?

Do you work for a Conseil Départemental? Discover the tools you need to implement your digital projects!

Card planning

The opening of our Spanish office in Madrid, the new Magenta community portal, the new version of Perf Monitor... let's take a look in the rear-view mirror at the highlights of 2023!

cards balance 2023

93% of customers are ready to recommend Project Monitor in 2023! Discover the customer satisfaction survey.

Card 5 tips for switching to PPM

Discover 5 valuable tips for a successful transition to project portfolio management. Optimize your management practices today!

cards mettre en place schéma directeur it région center val de loire

How do you draw up an IT master plan? Immersion in the IT master plan of the Centre Val de Loire Region: development, assessment, governance.

download the project maturity matrix

Discover the main resources needed to carry out a project effectively: human, financial, material and technological.

card success indicator projects-

Find out how to analyze and improve the performance of your projects today! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you identify your project success indicators

Card Datamart

Budget arbitration involves making choices about project prioritization. Discover the advantages of the Galileo Datamart from Project Monitor, coupled with Business Object, for budget arbitration! Testimonial from Eurométropole de Strasbourg.

card project risk analysis

How to analyze project risks - Follow the guide! Examples of typical project management risks + the 4 steps of a risk analysis and management process.

card testimonial vyv3

Advice on PMO tools and methods from Céline DESERT, IT Transformation & PMO Project Manager at VYV3 IT

guide to choosing your project portfolio management software

In this article, we explain the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in resource allocation, so that you can better understand how to optimize this crucial stage in the success of your projects.

card temoignage region occitanie

Interview with Christophe Besson, Project Manager at the IT and Digital Department of the Conseil Régional d'Occitanie. Why switch to PPM - Project Portfolio Management - software to manage construction and renovation operations? What are the benefits of using Project Monitor to manage building operations?

card solution gestion construction

Thanks to optimized project portfolio management, you'll be able to maximize the efficiency of your operations and keep them on time and on budget. Project Monitor supports OPH, local authorities, firms and developers in managing their construction and renovation operations.

return card virage day 2023

Combining conferences, workshops and networking, this event brought together 85 people to discuss IT, PPM & Steering issues. Discover the highlights of the day!

card revue portefeuille projets

The project portfolio review is an essential process for assessing the overall performance, coherence and strategic alignment of projects within an organization. Discover the steps and tools for a successful project portfolio review!

guide calculate your return on investment

What is load factor? Which tool should I use to calculate and monitor load factor? Discover our tips + concrete examples!

sample specifications for project portfolio management software

Strategies and tips for distributing your project workload fairly and wisely!

card virage day 2023

Virage Days are events by and for Project Managers, PMOs & CIO. Our mission is to showcase the inspirational movers and shakers, and to give everyone the opportunity to learn and move forward towards simplified management.

card terminals solutions

Interview with Bornes Solutions on project KPIs. Discover how the implementation of a PPM approach and the use of Project Monitor software have enabled Bornes Solutions to secure the deliverability of its projects in a context of strong growth.

Steps to help you estimate the resources needed for a project

card progress projects

Tips and tools for simply managing project progress and delivering on time!

card testimonial engie

Fuel for Growth is an ambitious performance plan worth 600 million euros over three years. Read the interview with Engie's Performance Director, Marc Verstraete.

Find out how to improve your project planning practices and the tools available.

Card - project planning tools

Discover project planning tools and techniques, such as the Kanban board, Gantt chart and timesheets.

How do you coordinate and reconcile the flow of IT project requests in your project portfolio? Here's a tutorial on how to manage these requests using PPM software.

cards customer survey 2022

Every year, we conduct a survey among our customers. This is a key opportunity to gather their opinions on our piloting offers.

PMO Guide

Discover the different steps involved in calculating a project's load + the tools you need to do it!

noveane conference virage days 2022

Noveane Groupe Scalian presents a preview of the key results of their survey on the evolution of management teams over the last 10 years. The survey brings together the responses of around one hundred respondents (steering experts, #PMOs, project managers, business lines and departments).

jospesh pares a year in the life of a pmo

Immersion in a year in the PMO of Alptis, the project office that presides over the destiny of strategic projects. From the budgetary process, to managing a project portfolio worth over 10 million euros each year. This is an open house on the Project Office.

challenges digital it dpd conference group

Conference at Virage Days with Hugues de Maussion, CIO and VPExecutive at DPDgroup

Cards Virage Days 2022

From October 13 to 14, 2022, Nantes-based publisher Virage Group took over the Digital Village space in Paris for an event dedicated to steering managers.

PMO Guide

In this article, you will discover 5 steps for maintaining a productive work environment to smooth out your workload.

example project reviews

The ultimate checklist for exemplary project reviews. This gives you a complete overview of everything you need to keep in mind.

caipm pmi certification

Our PPM Consultants take the PMI® CAPM project certification. The certification is an entry-level certification for project practitioners.

Card - Why planning is important

Find out why project planning is important, and the tools you need to get the job done!

Card what is project planning

In this article, find out in detail what project planning is, as well as some practical tips for carrying it out successfully. 

IT budgets Gartner forecasts for 2023

With the start of September comes the preparation of your CIO budget. Take stock of budgets that have been renewed, identify needs, review requests and evaluate the costs and benefits of projects. This article presents the elements to consider when preparing your 2023 IT budget, according to GARTNER's analyses.

cards qualiopi certification

Qualiopi attests to the quality and professionalism of a training provider that meets the criteria of the national quality reference framework. Certification entitles the trainer to public or mutualized funding (from the State, Pôle Emploi, OPCO, CPF, Caisse des dépôts, etc.).

digital social housing software CIO

Key functions for deploying your DPO's IT and digital policy in a single software package

how to say no to avoid traffic jams on your digital roadmap

The keys to arbitrating and implementing IT projects. Interview with Guillaume CARMENT, Associate Consultant at APINI Consulting Technologie.

webinar masterclass pilotage feuille de route

How can you manage your roadmap with a PPM tool like Project Monitor that's adapted to your level of management maturity?

card serie schema informatique

Special report on the IT Master Plan: experience feedback, testimonials and reports

cybersecurity ssi dashboard

In this article, we provide you with the keys to the success of your ssi safety dashboard: indicators, tools, standards and benchmarks.

mop management of portfolio training

Improve project portfolio management. Choose a recognized portfolio management method. MoP Management of Portfolio training

pssi steering tools

The Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Garonne (CD31) shares its experience of integrating security into digital transformation projects. Also acclaimed at a CoTer Numérique conference.

ciso pilot challenges cybersecurity

In this fascinating interview, you'll discover his global approach to the security of production tools, whether IT or industrial.

webinar noveane steering tools master plan

How can you assess and improve the maturity of your project organization? How can you better manage your master plan and its projects? Discover 20 tips to boost your project maturity by activating the following levers: methodology, governance, KPI, tools, comitology

Virage Group is a partner of Coter Numérique. The not-to-be-missed event for local authority CIOs

Card - Who is responsible for project planning

Find out who's responsible for project planning.

benefits of project portfolio management software

Tired of using Excel or in-house tools? Are you hesitating to switch to project portfolio management software? What are the benefits? What's the return on investment? Here's some advice on how to size up this deployment project within your organization

digital hospital pmo project management

The keys to project portfolio management in hospitals. Interview with the PMO. Governance, tools, projects

Transport & Logistics: Examples and testimony from Heppner's Project Manager on resource planning.

cards mettre en place schéma directeur it région center val de loire

How do you draw up an IT master plan? Immersion in the IT master plan of the Centre Val de Loire Region: development, assessment, governance.

Cards project portfolio set-up

Discover in this interview the testimonial of Michel Operto, PMO & PPM expert. Michel had the opportunity to prioritize and manage a portfolio of IT projects.

cards arbitrate projects

Project arbitration is THE key decision in project portfolio management. Many companies struggle to find the right balance between a growing list of new projects, ongoing projects and insufficient financing capacity. Which project should be launched? More precisely, which projects should be included in the project portfolio? How do you prioritize projects?

cards technical IT debt

Escaping the black hole of technical debt... Is your reflex to grunt when you see this? Yes, so do we. Between fatality and despair, there are solutions!

Card project planning steps

Discover the key stages in project planning and ensure your projects are a success.

tutorial example load plan management

Workload management is a key process in project portfolio management. Optimizing it is a decisive factor in your ability to deliver your projects. Discover a complete X-ray of the workload schedule!

resolutions pmo 2022 tool

What are your professional resolutions for 2022?

HR digitization

HR digitization needs to be aligned with challenges CIO . Discover tips and tools to achieve this.

Minutes of the Challenges 2022 round table for CIO.

Highlights of the round-table discussion between CIO of In Extenso and CIO of CHRU de Nancy on challenges in 2022. On the menu: cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, technical debt, shortage of IT profiles. 2022 will be an exciting year, in which the challenges will outweigh the difficulties.

Webinar Round Table 3 PMO

Read the report on the PMO Round Table Webinar with Noveane, Toulouse Metropole and Groupe Les Mousquetaires.

Two software solutions to support the governance of the Strasbourg Eurometropole's digital department

Digital Governance & IS Urbanization: Eurométropole de Strasbourg shares its experience of managing IS mapping and projects

Putting the two together - projects and IS mapping - is a great asset for digital governance. Let's explore why bringing maps and projects together will help you in your digital transformation.

Card The 4 dimensions of project planning

Explore the 4 crucial dimensions of project planning.

FIX 2 challenge - Resource planning

Second drawing response to the 4 challenges posed by our customers to the FIX press cartoonist. Illustrate the punch line of our resource planning workshops!

resource planning

3 PMOs, 3 business sectors, 1 round table. What challenges linked to planning? How and whom to plan? What methods should be used? 3 experts give us their challenges and advice.

Interview with DPD Group

At DPD Group, we deliver projects with the same obsession for rapid parcel delivery. Commando mode is activated for the implementation of Project Monitor ! A behind-the-scenes look at this exemplary player!

The 9th edition of the Users' Club will be held on June 17 and 18, 2021. The Grand Witnesses for this 100% virtual event: Geneva Airport and the Haute Savoie department.

Discover the highlights of Joncoux's feedback webinar. Would you like to manage all your projects from A to Z within a single collaborative software package? The Joncoux group did it in less than a year!

Espace Banlieues students

Virage Group supports the Espérance Banlieues project through a solidarity-based sponsorship program. Through this contribution, a part of the work of each and every one of us benefits this network of schools.

choosing the best project portfolio management software

Find out how to choose the best project portfolio management software: objectives, features, specifications.

PMO software

Discover 7 key functions to equip your PMO and the advantages of a PPM tool as PMO software

digital transformation webinar highlights

Find out how Ille et Vilaine has taken control of its digital destiny. How does a local authority move from digital ambition to digital service delivery? How a digital ambition is translated into strategic projects? How a project office secures a local authority's digital roadmap.

PMO project portfolio management

Your organization manages a large number of projects, using an equally large number of resources. So why add a PMO?

Benefit from a toolbox to help you manage your project portfolio: articles, videos and guides, co-written with industry experts.

project monitor dsih health

In this special issue dedicated to CIO in the healthcare sector, we offer insights and feedback, expert columns and tools. You'll find articles, videos and guides co-authored with industry experts.


How to connect your web applications with Project Monitor and Perf Monitor ? New: Automate now with Zapier


How can you strengthen your CIO with your project portfolio? Arbitration, Project methods, Data, PPM tool. Find out what the experts have to say in this article

Discover our tips for setting the pace of your project management meetings. Animate and challenge your teams and projects over time! Focus on project portfolio management.

Integration 100% remote control software

Here's our experience of implementing our control software entirely remotely. Are we less efficient or more effective in remote mode?

project monitor interview aeroport geneve

How do you manage the project portfolio of an infrastructure that handles 17.9 million passengers a year? For over 5 years, the PPM software Project Monitor has been helping the Project Coordination Department to monitor its activities.

project monitor interview CIO haute savoie department

The relationship between CD74 and Project Monitor can be divided into two main phases: firstly, deployment within CIO in 2014, and then, in 2017, the emergence of the PMO unit, which will revolutionize the use of Project Monitor within the department to get the most out of it.

Covid-19 put CIO on the "front line" of continuity planning. In this article, find the highlights of the round table organized with 3 CIO from different sectors: Healthcare, Logistics, Accounting.


How about helping you choose the right project portfolio management software? Here are a few tips to help you make sense of the multitude of tools at your disposal.

cell phone virage group

CIOPMO, project managers: As part of your good resolutions, why not think about simplifying your project portfolio management. Opt for our PPM - Project Portfolio Management tool in 2019!

Interview Teletravail CIO Collectivite Centre Val de Loire

The Centre Val de Loire Region shares its best practices for successful public service teleworking. Read it here!


Highlights of the Ille et Vilaine local authority's experience during a webinar in partnership with Virage Group , on the theme of digital transformation.


In the wake of the worldwide health emergency, teleworking has become essential to ensure business continuity. Working from home is forcing all organizations to adapt in a number of ways if they are to remain effective.


Your teams are working remotely, and you're looking for ways to organize and maintain activity with your collaborators? Our tips for organizing your daily meeting!

Budget CIO

The CIO must manage and control its budget in order to play an active role in maintaining or creating value for the company.

Wurth PPM tool

Watch or rewatch this Masterclass webcast with Jean Pierre Warrion, who shares his experience of project review management at Würth.

project review PPM tool

Project reviews are an essential part of project management, enabling you to review all your projects, make decisions and look to the future. These reviews can sometimes be ineffective due to poor preparation or the monopolization of 1 person, for example. With Project Monitor and a well-applied project methodology, you can manage your project reviews more effectively!

webcast budget management

Watch or review this webcast! It's "Forecast" season, "Décision Modificative" season, "Budget Primitives" season... And your projects are the most complicated budget lines to estimate, track and re-estimate! Simplify your project budget management!

eye of fix design

When we talk about project management, we also mean budget preparation! For Léonce and other project managers, this is one of the most important steps in project management: defining expenses and precise financial resources.

Oeil de fix CIO public authority

Can you be CIO and Zen at the same time? How do you innovate and carry out new projects while using an existing information system? And on the management side: between IT teams, developing skills in new IT technologies, managing relations with internal customers?

QQOQCP project review virage

Our customers tell us about their project review practices. Here's a QQOQCP portrait of this key moment in the management and governance of their project portfolio. Who do you think participates in project reviews?

Webcast Fin Excel for your projects

A must-see! The webcast "J'arrête Excel pour gérer mes projets!" gives you the keys to Excel's alternative for managing your projects!

Save the soldier pmo webcast PPM tool

A must-see! The webcast "Il faut sauver le soldat PMO" gives you the keys to boosting your PMO and improving the management of your project portfolios.

ppm tool version 621

Discover what's new in our software. Time tracking, new options schedule project and Gantt chart, optimized task management capabilities. Upgraded versions for easier project portfolio management.

customer feedback virage group

Project stories - what our customers have to say : CIO PMO, IT project manager, operations manager... Industry, Logistics, Energy, Public authorities, Airports

Webcast digital transformation

Everything you need to turn your digital transformation projects into a "lush garden".

Project budget to be prioritized Project Monitor

How to choose projects? How do you get the applicants to accept this choice? This is the challenge of the SIP (Strategy - Importance - Weight) phase.

Selection of project portfolios in CIO

With the development of the project mode, organizations have to manage hundreds of projects. It's not possible to keep track of these projects one by one.

project management - project portfolio management

Ten, twenty, a hundred, a thousand - project portfolios generally have more inputs than outputs. A minimum of organization of this flow is therefore essential.

SIP approach - Purchasing and Project Management Department

The main objective of a Purchasing Department is to reduce the costs of new products and services, and purchasing costs.

Project portfolio resource

Your organization manages a portfolio of 100 to 200 projects (large and small), carried out by 50 to 300 people. How can you make it easier to manage?

Purchasing management strategy

The aim of a purchasing strategy is to achieve the performance objectives defined for the spending portfolio concerned. We present these performance objectives to you!

eurometropole Strasbourg project management city

The Strasbourg Eurometropolis is a rapidly expanding territory. Strasbourg's IS has had to adapt to the city's digitalization.

eurometropole Strasbourg project management city

The Strasbourg Eurometropolis is a rapidly expanding territory. Strasbourg's IS has had to adapt to the city's digitalization.

vacation leave project management

With the vacations approaching, it's hard to manage resource capacity on projects. So how do you keep projects running smoothly?

project performance

To measure the progress or costs of a project, we use standardized concepts adapted to all types of project.

Computer security

Cyber-attacks are on the increase. That's why security is a key component in the success of your projects. Your team will have to integrate it before, during and after the project.

queen chess game

Do you know the 10 rules to follow to ensure the success of your projects? You'll find the 10 answers here, plus bonus tips!

Project management - project manager - choose - questions

What are the three questions to ask yourself when choosing the right project manager? That's the question we put to our five experts.

ANGE method project manager

Great, the arbitration committee has pronounced a "GO" for the project... Now to whom do we entrust the project's destiny? In a previous article, I told you about ANGE - a mnemonic for considering the skills of a project manager. This time, I'm going to talk about how to put it into practice when appointing a project manager.

ANGE agile method

Is the cost/quality/deadline triangle a challenge to geometry? Don't know which project manager to entrust it to? Don't panic, we suggest you call in an ANGE. ANGE is both a skills assessment method and a grid for reading your project needs.

visual perf monitor

Major release of our applications! Discover the latest news on the arrival of a new visual task board, redesigned exchanges and improved reporting. A new version for greater visibility and ease of use in your project portfolio management.