How to choose the right projects to initiate?


Every day, you notice that the number of project requests far exceeds your organization's capacities and resources. Your main challenge is to select and invest in projects with high added value, in line with your organization's strategic objectives.

  • Select and invest in high value-added projects in line with your organization's strategic objectives
  • Set up an efficient and transparent selection process to facilitate selection and prioritization of projects.
  • Avoid resource conflicts and frustration among stakeholders
  • Do not exceed your organization's human and financial resources and capabilities


How does Project Monitor help you optimize the project selection process and facilitate project prioritization?

Centralize and standardize requests  

In order to obtain a complete view of the requests, it is essential to centralize and standardize the requests by gathering them in a single receptacle. This approach will allow for better tracking of requests, more efficient sorting of requests and the ability to view all requests created and their status. By centralizing requests from different sources, they can be processed more consistently, avoiding redundancy and the risk of errors or omissions. This will also enable fast, comprehensive management. In order to homogenize best practices, a standardized application form should be set up and templates should be used. 


Evaluate requests 

In order to evaluate requests effectively, it is important to establish a clear, shared and explicit evaluation process. Requests should be qualified according to criteria and a shared method, such as ROI and value, risk, feasibility and complexity, budget and resources, as well as objective information. It is essential to agree on the "rules of the game" and define the criteria for evaluating a request. The project manager can then compare requests along different axes, using dashboards, bubble graphs or radars to visualize at a glance the requests with the highest added value. For an in-depth study, customizable criteria can be defined according to the organization. Reliable, volumetric data is essential for arbitration and integration into the project portfolio. 

Compare the requests with your current projects.  

To make informed decisions, it's important to compare requests with projects already underway, taking into account any new budget or resource constraints. A simulation tool can be used to play with resources and budgets without affecting ongoing projects. It is important to create scenarios to simulate the impact of integrating a request in the face of imposed constraints, and to have a detailed report of the changes to be made. 

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Project dashboards, in particular workload plans and time tracking, are the basis for project launch decisions.

Hugues de Maussion - Director, Projects and Information Systems Innovation Department (DIPSI)

Project Monitor 's key features for choosing the right projects to launch

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