How to implement an IT master plan: Governance, tools, case studies

What are the objectives of the IT master plan?

The aim of the IT master plan is to describe how the information system will meet the objectives set and provide the services expected. It specifies the priorities or guidelines for information technologies. It can usefully be based on the company's IT mapping logic.

How do you draw up an IT master plan?

To draw up the Master Plan, you need to start by carrying out an audit phase, presenting an existing situation, a starting point:

will have to be made after an inventory of fixtures.

The strengths and weaknesses of the organization (in terms of IT) should be discussed during the Audit phase. It must always lead to a phasing of action plans and a budget. In concrete terms, this means identifying and qualifying each project according to :

 How long does an IT master plan last?

The average lifespan of an IT Master Plan is 3 to 5 years. It needs to be updated regularly, to take account of strategic changes in the organization. Identified needs and malfunctions should help define the focus of the next master plan.

Example of an IT master plan: Case study from CIO Région Centre Val de Loire

Development of the IS Master Plan 2017-2021

The development process was carried out in 3 stages, under the guidance of the General Management Committee (CODIR):

IT master plan SI Region val de loire

How do you manage the governance of the master plan?

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governance SI collectivité region center val de loire

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What tool should you use to manage governance?

The Region Centre Val de Loire's project portfolio review is carried out using Project Monitor project portfolio management software. The dashboards are designed to be customizable and integrate naturally into your governance processes.

project portfolio dashboard

The benefits of project portfolio management software for monitoring IT master plans