The most frequently used PMO methods and tools

Tips for "The rise of the JEDI PMO"!

The challenges of a PMO (Project Management Office) lies in its ability to improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of project management within an organization. How can we encourage organizational learning? How can we support process standardization? How can we ensure monitoring and reporting to minimize risks? Project management offices need PMO tools and methods to address these issues challenges.

Discover in this article the best practices for the position of PMO - Project Manager Officer - :

How to implement a project portfolio management approach - The role and challenges of the PMO

The role of the PMO in the PPM approach

Portfolio Project Management (PPM) is the coordinated selection, prioritization and management of a set of projects or programs to maximize value creation for an organization. PPM enables projects to be aligned with strategic objectives, resources to be managed optimally and informed decisions to be made. The PMO's role in this approach is to ensure governance of the project portfolio, by providing methodological support, establishing management processes, tracking projects, providing follow-up reports and ensuring coordination between projects. The PMO facilitates decision-making, resource optimization and risk management within the project portfolio.

challenges of PMO

In order to carry out the various tasks assigned to the PMO effectively, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of its environment.

The risks that a PMO may encounter can be :

To achieve his objectives, a true Jedi PMO must be flexible and constantly renew himself: 

Example of a PPM approach: The implementation and results of 10 years of Portfolio Management evolution at Vyv3 IT

Conference by vyv3 IT Céline Desert at Virage Days 2023

Interview with Céline Desert, PMO at VYV3 IT

VYV PPM white logo

Céline DESERT, IT Transformation & PMO Project Manager at VYV3 IT, was on stage at Virage Days, a conference dedicated to Portfolio Management. Our guests were able to discover the evolution of VYV3 IT's Portfolio Management over the last 10 years! They also learned about the PMO tools and methods most widely used at Vyv3IT, and how to become a true PMO "Jedi". 

VYV3 is France's leading private operator in the solidarity sector, and the leading mutualist player in its field. It supports the VYV* Group's strategy of developing its care and support services.

The PPM - Portfolio Management - approach began with the realization that we needed to do away with in-house tools to secure project rebilling and address the Group's challenges development needs. 

The first targeted objectives to be achieved took shape in 2013, with the group equipping itself with Project Monitor software for : 

With the need to optimize Portfolio Management growing ever stronger, it was in 2020 that VYV3 decided to implement project "weather" indicators to monitor project progress.

Subsequently, project risk management and budget tracking followed suit, and were implemented in the same year. 

In 2021, the need arose to centralize information between the various tools. With this in mind, VYV set up :  

The PPM approach continues in 2022 with the implementation of Resource Planning and an interface between the Qlik BI tool and Project Monitor. 

What are the PMO tools?

A PMO (Project Management Office) is responsible for the governance, supervision and support of projects within an organization. The tools used by a PMO may vary according to the specific needs of the organization.

Here are 7 types of PMO tools used at VYV3IT :

  1. Project management tools and project portfolio management
  2. Communication and collaboration tools
  3. Documentation management tools
  4. Mind Mapping tools
  5. Tools for monitoring performance indicators
  6. Graphic design tools
  7. Interactive presentation tools and training facilitation

Project management and project portfolio management tools

PMOs often use project management software to track and coordinate project activities. Some popular examples are Microsoft Project, Trello, and Project Monitor. While Microsoft Project and Trello are best suited to the basic management of a few projects, Project monitor can be used to manage the entire project portfolio, with a range of functions (resource management, dashboards, reporting, budgets, etc.).

Communication and collaboration tools

PMOs need to facilitate communication and collaboration between project team members. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, can be used for online meetings, instant messaging, screen sharing and remote collaboration.

Mind Map tools

Mind maps are mind-mapping and brainstorming tools for organizing, linking and visualizing ideas. With online versions, you can work simultaneously to provide feedback. Vyv3IT's PMO teams use MindView, Xmind and MindManager, for example.

Graphic design tools

Canva is an online graphic design tool that lets you create visual documents from a library of templates. With Canva, you can easily create and share professional designs. The PMO can, for example, highlight specific use cases or processes and methodologies.

Tools for monitoring performance indicators

PMOs use dashboards and KPI tracking tools to monitor project progress, measure results and make informed decisions. BI tools such as Clik or PowerBI can interface with portfolio management software such as Project Monitor.

Documentation management tools

PMOs are responsible for managing project documentation, such as project plans, progress reports, procedures and policies. Document management tools such as SharePoint can be used to store, share and collaborate on project documentation.

Interactive presentation and training tools

PMOs need interactive presentations, especially during training sessions. Tools such as Kahoot, an online tool for creating quizzes or Wooclap, a tool for creating word clouds and visual animations, are very useful for energizing meetings.

Recap of useful PMO tools for your day-to-day work

Portfolio analysis

  • Project Monitor
  • Qlik
  • EeasyVista

Tutorials, meetings, training

  • Canva
  • Kahoot
  • Wooclap
  • Teams

Project management

  • Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Project
  • MindMap

Why a PPM tool for the Project Management Office?

Project portfolio management software such as Project Monitor (also known as PPM software) can be a valuable resource for the PMO in fulfilling its tasks.

Here are just a few of the ways in which PPM software can help the PMO. It allows you to :

Centralize all project-related information

Including project details, schedules, resources, budgets and follow-up reports.

This gives the PMO an overview of the project portfolio, facilitating decision-making and strategic planning.

Provide automated tracking and reporting functions

The PMO can generate customized reports on project status, performance, risks, resources and other key metrics. These reports support informed decision-making, and help to quickly identify troubled projects or opportunities for improvement.

Facilitate resource management by enabling the PMO to visualize and track resource allocation across projects.

This helps to avoid work overloads, identify bottlenecks and optimize the use of available resources. The software can also facilitate long-term resource planning by aligning required skills with future portfolio needs.

Anticipating risks

The software enables the PMO to track and manage the risks associated with individual projects as well as the portfolio as a whole. It can help identify critical risks, assess their impact and likelihood, implement mitigation measures and monitor risk evolution over time.

Provide collaboration and communication functionalities

This enables project teams to share information, collaborate on tasks and communicate effectively. This facilitates coordination between teams, promotes transparency and improves communication with stakeholders.

In short, PPM software provides a centralized, integrated platform for managing the entire project portfolio.

Tool and structure your project office with PPM software Project Monitor

With Project Monitor :

  • Easily collect all requests from project managers
  • Balance the workload of your project teams by checking their availability
  • Ensure relevant and objective arbitration between project priorities
pmo and CIO

Advice on the role and positioning of the PMO

What is the best position for the PMO to act from?

In order to provide a complete service and respond to all the issues raised on a daily basis, the PMO must position itself as : 

✔️ Problem solver 

✔️ Control tower 

✔️ Facilitator 

✔️ Animator 

✔️ Analyst 

How to (re)position the PMO as analyst and facilitator?

The PMO must have a 360° view of the support and monitoring of available resources. 

- First and foremost, the PMO must position itself as a coach, with the promise: We're here to train you

The levers to be deployed for this point are as follows: 

- The second part focuses on arbitration and follow-up, with the promise: We're here to find solutions for you

The levers to be deployed for this point are as follows: 

- This third part deals with the deployment of effective support, with the promise: We're here to guarantee the methods and tools

The levers to be deployed for this point are as follows: 

- And finally, the follow-ups, with the promise: We're here to support you

The levers to be deployed for this point are as follows: 

What career paths are open to Project Management Officers?

Once you've acquired solid project management experience and governance expertise, look for the role of strategic PMO. This role usually involves taking a broader view of project management, aligning initiatives with the company's strategic objectives.

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The ambition of VYV3, born of the merger of the care and support activities of the Harmonie and MGEN groups, is to develop, as close as possible to the regions, a high-quality, innovative and high-performance care offer, accessible to all and adapted to the needs of each individual. VYV3 IT is the IT systems partner of VYV3 and its member territorial unions, providing solutions that combine quality, reliability and cost control for : 

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