How do you implement the SCRUM project method in PPM software Project Monitor ?

Agile methods in general, and the SCRUM method in particular, are being adopted by more and more CIO. It's an alternative project method for planning, monitoring and controlling the progress of your projects. VIRAGE is no exception, and focused its annual seminar on this theme (brilliantly led by Agile Garden). Does our Project Monitor software support agile project management?

Here we share an exchange/challenge we had with one of our customers:

How do you transpose the Scrum agile framework to Project Monitor ?

Scrum presented in graphic facilitation mode

Agile method - SCRUM

Here are the main principles for transposing this method into the Project Monitor application.

User Story: Task template

On Project Monitor you can configure a task template. All you need to do is adopt the structuring elements of a User Story. Classic" elements can be easily "translated" into Project Monitor. For example, :

Backlog / Sprint Backlog : Fiche Phase Office

It is possible to generate the backlog automatically. To do this, we use a phase sheet template that includes the list of User Stories modeled as tasks. In just 1 click, the key document of the Scrum method is generated. This makes it possible to be collaborative: each person can make the User Story evolve individually. The updated backlog can be edited at any time. Each User Story can also be attached to a sprint (via the phase or one of the sprint milestones on Project Monitor). This makes it possible to build up the "Sprint backlog" and update the status of User Stories "in real time" or at the end of your validation processes.

Sprint : Milestone / phase

Our advice is to model a sprint as a phase, and to include milestones for the key moments of animation:

If developers enter their own times, the phase can also be used to determine a velocity (especially if the team is not dedicated). On Project Monitor, once the sprint template has been created, it can be inserted as many times as required.

Project players: Roles

Each actor can be identified with the following roles:

It's then easy to add the rights you want/need.

Project animation: Milestones, exchanges, and a bit of "off Project Monitor ".

Sprint prioritization and review can be animated very simply using the collaborative functions. To this end, User Stories are distributed over the various sprints and their status updated. Project Monitor does not currently include a "poker schedule " function. On the other hand, Project Monitor 's collaborative functions can be used to share, enrich and trace.

Finally, one of the principles of the agile manifesto from which the Scrum method derives is that "people and their interactions are more important than processes and tools". The use of software should be considered with agility, i.e., when it can bring efficiency gains.

For example, generate a complete backlog in 1 click and share it easily...