Virage Days 2022

From October 13 to 14, 2022, Nantes-based software publisher Virage Group took over the Digital Village space in Paris for an event dedicated to steering managers.

Combining conferences, workshops and networking, this event brought together around a hundred people to discuss IT, PPM, & Steering issues.

The " Virage Days" were a series of testimonials, expert reports and workshops, connecting project and action plan managers.

In attendance: IT Directors, PMOs, Digital Transformation Directors, steering experts and transformation consultants. The Virage Days event featured such outstanding speakers as DPDgroup's CIO , Hugues de Maussion, Engie's Performance Director, Marc Verstraete, and Alptis Assurances' PMO, Joseph Pares.

Customers from both the private and public sectors, including Brittany Ferries, Würth, Terreal and Grand Lyon Métropole, came from all over France and beyond.

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A PMO & CIO 2022 event

The 100% face-to-face, 100% networking, 100% fun event

The customer community is at the heart of Virage Group 's positioning. They go even further, encouraging the development of a wider community of project management managers, by offering conferences open to the public.

"Thank you to all our customers, in both the private and public sectors. And to our partners and collaborators.

Highlights of 2022:

An event much appreciated by participants

Alptis Assurances shares a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day work of its PMO

Joseph Pares, PMO at Alptis Assurances, presented challenges and the approach used to manage the group's portfolio of strategic projects.

For the creation of the PMO unit, everything began at Alptis Assurances with the ISO standard, and there was considerable work on all the processes to support the company's development.

Between governance highlights, day-to-day support, monthly reporting, designation of key project managers...

The project portfolio is an operational tool at the service of strategy. Each year, between 40 and 50 projects are added to the portfolio, representing an investment of between 9 and 14 million euros and mobilizing some 300 employees.

IOC ONLINE virage group
An article written by Aurélie Chandeze of CIO ONLINE

A behind-the-scenes look at DPDgroup's digital world

Hugues de Maussion DPD group

DPDgroup is a logistician with a double billionaire status: in sales and in parcels handled. This success story is based on an international, decentralized, interconnected organization and an obsession with optimization. Here, DPDgroup CIO Hugues de Maussion takes you behind the scenes of DPDgroup's IT!

By 2021, we will have delivered 2 billion parcels. In 2022, we will have to deal with geo-political issues, new purchasing practices and challenges sustainable development. Digital technology is part of the solution to these problems. DPDgroup started out as a transport company, then became a services company, and then a software company. This includes customer service with chatbots, data science, geolocation... The IT department drives all the company's innovation.

Preview of the results of the national survey on steering cells, by Noveane Group Scalian

NOVEANE is a consulting firm within the SCALIAN group that provides complete and innovative solutions in terms of expertise and transformation management.

In 2011, a major national survey established the state of the art of steering cells, resulting in a reference white paper.

10 years on, Noveane Groupe Scalian is renewing its survey of French private (60%) and public organizations for this new edition, of all sizes, with around a hundred respondents evenly divided between management experts (PMO, Project Manager), Business Units and Management.

A brief overview of the Top Management Tools (excluding Excel):

conference noveane cellules pilotage

How to manage the "Fuel For Growth" strategic plan, a multi-million euro performance plan over three years?

We conducted an exclusive interview with Engie's Performance Director, Marc Verstraete, in our Montparnasse offices in Paris, to answer all these questions.

Preview at our #VirageDays event!

Engie has been using Virage Group 's Perf Monitor software since 2015 to drive performance plans. Today, "Fuel for Growth" is a 3-year performance plan worth +600M euros. Perf Monitor helps align action plans with strategic objectives.

marc verstraete conference virage group
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Product Roadmap: Becoming the UX reference for project and goal-based management

frédéric monomakhoff virage group

Virage Days was also an opportunity to discover the major trends in the Product Roadmap. In fact, two roadmaps were unveiled, one for each software product:

  • Project Monitor for project portfolio management
  • Perf Monitor for strategic and performance plan management

For Project Monitor ambitions are clear: to become the benchmark PPM platform in terms of user experience. Since profiles are varied, user paths will be personalized and dynamic. Each responsibility with its own specificities will be guided and equipped accordingly, whether as manager, PMO or project leader. And since projects are all about teams and arbitration, collaboration and decision-making data will also be key features of future developments.

For Perf Monitorthe announcement of the imminent arrival of a brand new version. The challenge is simple: to secure and accelerate the link between strategy and execution. ENGIE's feedback was eloquent on this point. The new version will provide the teams responsible for steering Performance Plans and Strategic Plans with a platform that will link objectives more simply and precisely with the actions needed to achieve them. The presentation reaffirmed our close relationship with our 250 customers in the development of our offerings. Their expectations and feedback are central to the design of our solutions.

Simple, adaptable solutions for building the future

Project portfolio & action plan management workshops

6 themed workshops were offered to customers.

  • Best-of PPM features Project Monitor
  • Reporting from Project Monitor
  • Manage workflows on Project Monitor
  • Manage your strategic plans with Perf Monitor
  • Change management PPM
  • PMO, better structuring the project office

Thematic workshops enable customers to meet experts and exchange best practices in project management & action planning.

Download the PMO workshop support

Download the Reporting workshop support

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Customers are the first ambassadors for our solutions Virage Group

Ambassador initiatives :

  • Case studies PDF
  • Video case studies
  • Webinars
  • Recommendations
  • Newsgroups
  • Software directories reviews Capterra & Appvizer

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