Digital governance: IS mapping and projects to serve business lines

When you're a Digital Department managing over 600 applications for 250 different businesses... Information System governance isn't just a subject, it's an absolute necessity.

[Customer testimonial from the Digital Department of the Metropolis of Strasbourg].

Two software solutions to support the governance of the Strasbourg Eurometropole's digital department

Project Monitor & Solu-qiq, two solutions to address the new challenges of IS and project knowledge

The Strasbourg Eurometropolisbegan by implementing the Project Portfolio Management solution - Project Monitor. To strengthen its governance, the Digital Department then integrated the Solu-qiq IS mapping solution. And since one of the objectives is to promote dialogue with the business lines, the two applications talk to each other via an interface.

In this new webinar, we bring you a testimonial to this approach to serving the business.

On the program: neighborhoods and projects:

  • The Eurometropole of Strasbourg is 250 businesses, 600 IT applications and 8,000 employees
  • IS mapping and project portfolio management: two levers of Digital Management Governance
  • Did you say "IS Mapping"? Is it the IS google map?
  • Did you say "project portfolio"? Isn't that like project management?
  • Case study: a visit to the HRIS district, when strategic objectives become projects!
  • Q&A with speakers


Webinar speakers

A great platform to share this wonderful experience around the governance of a digital direction:

  • Christophe SCHOSGER - Information Systems Planner - Eurometropole of StrasbourgChristophe Schosger information systems planner Eurometropole de Strasbourg
  • Franck BARBI - Head of the Steering and Coordination Unit - Eurometropole of Strasbourg

Franck Barbi Responsable Cellule Pilotage et Coordination Eurometropole de Strasbourg


Webinar co-hosted by :

  • Thibaut DEQUENNE - Sales Manager - AB+ Software
  • Vincent DIDENOT - Marketing and Communications Director - France VIRAGE Group



To find out more :


Discover theStrasbourg Eurometropolis

Discover the IS mapping solution - Solu-qiq

Discover the Project Portfolio Management solution - Project Monitor

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