CIO challenges for 2022?

Webinar: Gain insight into your digital future 2022 with forecasts from 2 CIO !


We asked 2 CIO from different business sectors to share their experiences with you: In Extenso & CHRU de Nancy.

Their answers in this webinar that will turn your gaze to their digital future:

  • What are the flagship projects for 2022?
  • What role does cybersecurity play in the IT master plan?
  • How do you deal with the shortage of IT profiles?
  • ... and above all, you can ask YOUR QUESTIONS live!


In 2020, they shared with us their digital challenges posed by the health crisis. The CIO Jean-Christophe Calvo and Stéphane Jullien are back to talk to us about the challenges of 2022!

  • How does the CIO of Nancy's CHRU, ranked 5th in Le Point's ranking of healthcare establishments, approach 2022?
  • How does the CIO of In Extenso, leader in public accounting, consulting and professional services for small and medium-sized businesses, see 2022?

Webinar 3 CIO challenges  2022


Program: 360° vision of their CIO in 2022

We're lucky enough to bring together two CIOs from two completely different business sectors. So we're going to take advantage of their 360° vision:

  • What are the flagship projects for 2022?
  • What role does cybersecurity play in the IT master plan?
  • What technological opportunities are they planning to integrate?
  • Blockchain, AI, cloud, IoT, Grenne IT, a virtual reality or an everyday reality of their digital ecosystem?
  • How do you deal with the shortage of IT profiles?
  • After "full remote", what's the right balance between face-to-face and teleworking? How can we continue to work on projects with dispersed teams?
  • Will the 2022 budgets be able to handle the entire project portfolio?

Speakers at this virtual round table

chru nancy logochru nancy logo logo-in-extenso                      Inextenso Group digital project portfolio management


Stéphane JULLIEN, CIO - In Extenso

Jean-Christophe CALVO, Head of the Territorial Department of Digital Transformation and Biomedical Engineering - CHRU de Nancy


Why take part? 

  • A 360° overview by two digital managers
  • Two outspoken CIOs ("you don't go into IT to be liked" remained a key phrase from the previous webinar)
  • Live interaction with the panelists - bring your questions!
  • Exclusive content for subscribers. Replay and support available D+7
  • It's an opportunity to build momentum towards 2022!

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