How can you telework with Project Monitor and Perf Monitor ?

Teleworking and the Project Portfolio Management platform

As a result of the #restezchezchezous , those who can have switched to "telecommuting". Whether it's a new way of working, or the widespread adoption of a one-off approach, this new way of working is challenging our practices and bringing IT tools to the fore. Project Monitor and Perf Monitor are no exception, and can make a useful contribution to your efficiency in these exceptional times.

In this webinar, we will share ideas and tips for teleworking based on Project Monitor and Perf Monitor :

  • (tele)work routines for your projects and action plans
  • meeting animation idea
  • key functions for efficient teleworking
  • what can be done? what are the points to watch out for?

And since we're more efficient when we're working together, we're eager to learn your own tricks!

We'll include time for sharing your best practices in the webinar agenda!

A unique situation, a unique webinar.

Webinar hosted by :

Yassine El Atallati

Pre-Sales Engineer

Vincent Didenot

Customer Excellence Director

Access the replay

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