Three CIO face the challenges of COVID-19 - Round Table

COVID has put CIO on the "front line" of business continuity planning. Widespread use of teleworking, reorganization of business activities in digital mode, IS security, scalability of network infrastructures, etc. This unprecedented period condenses the challenges for CIO ! And if the health and socio-economic barometers are anything to go by, it's far from over!

An exceptional situation calls for an exceptional round table: we are bringing together three CIO customers to share and compare their responses to these challenges.

CIO facing the challenges of covid chronopost in extenso chru nancy

Three CIO, three professions, the same challenges?

For this round table, three customers from radically different business sectors will share their experiences:

  • a hospital center at the heart of a region hard hit by the health crisis: CHRU de Nancy
  • a "front-line" logistics operator for parcel distribution: Chronopost
  • a leading provider of consulting and accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses in the midst of economic turmoil: In Extenso

Read their testimonials:

  • What impact does this have on their business? What are the main challenges faced by CIO ?
  • Crisis management or simple application of continuity plans drawn up long before COVID?
  • How is their own management affected? Is telecommuting simply becoming more widespread, or a completely new way of working?
  • And what about projects? Reinvention or simple transposition of project management to "remote" mode?
  • Adapted or revolutionized project portfolio governance? What are the impacts on decision making?
  • And after continuity plans, what follow-up plans? An opportunity to re-examine the place of CIO in their structure?

For more information, visit CIO :

Three information systems managers, three words on the challenges of COVID-19 :

  • Jean-Christophe CALVO: Head of Territorial Department of Digital Transformation and Biomedical Engineering, CHRU Nancy / GHT Sud Lorraine
  • Antonio DE FARIA: CIO of BioLogistic and Director of Governance and Programs at CIO of Chronopost
  • Stéphane JULLIEN: CIO - Chief Information Officer at In Extenso

A digital round table

The practicalities of this roundtable:

  • Participation on registration (see the form)
  • Digital" round table in webinar format
  • Live interaction with the panelists - bring your questions!
  • We plan 1 hour of exchange and sharing

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