5 key actions for moving to Project Portfolio Management

From project management to project portfolio management: a performance lever!

On the program:

  • Concepts of the project portfolio management approach and project culture
  • Signals and symptoms that should trigger the switch to portfolio management
  • Key stages in implementing a project portfolio management method
  • REX on missions carried out to illustrate in practice 

A webinar hosted by Projexion, a consulting firm that helps organizations transform,

And Virage Group , publisher of the project portfolio management software Project Monitor

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The transition to project portfolio management

In this webinar, we'll present practical strategies for encouraging this cultural transition, giving you the keys to developing a shared vision and fostering cross-functional collaboration!

You are

To achieve this transformation and deliver tangible results, it's essential to move from a traditional project management approach to a more strategic one. That's where project portfolio management comes in! 

In this webinar, we'll explore five key actions that will help you adopt a project portfolio culture, facilitate project governance and turn your company's strategy into reality

Whether you're already engaged in this transition or simply want to learn more about it, this webinar is designed to provide you with practical information and inspiring ideas!

Webinar speakers

Cabinet Projexion

Vincent PERY - Transformation Consultant / Manager Practice Project Portfolio Management - Projexion

Vincent has been working in project management and transformation for 23 years. Today, he is in charge of the Project Portfolio Management Practice at Projexion. 

"I worked for 12 years in Supply Chain Management before switching to the Customer/Commerce/Product Offer side for 6 years, mainly in the IT, Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail sectors. For the last 4 years, I've been working more specifically on Financial Services and in the Real Estate sector." 

My convictions: "A company develops and adapts through projects, if it dedicates resources to doing so! Today, the ability of organizations to manage a multitude of projects in parallel is becoming a key success factor, and operational excellence in this discipline is clearly a key differentiating factor for companies". 

Vincent DIDENOT - Marketing and Customer Communication Manager - France VIRAGE Group

Vincent has helped hundreds of customers implement Project Monitor and Perf Monitor software. He is now in charge of marketing and coordinating the community of 280 VIRAGE Group customers.

"Webinars give me the chance to talk to the managers who make the projects and build the future. Their remarkable work deserves a spotlight because the challenges they face are so incredible and their approach so inspiring."