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A simple, tailor-made tool to boost efficiency and performance for Intermarché's logistics subsidiary.

Steering the logistics transformation plan with Project Monitor

Since 2014, Intermarché has relied on Project Monitor to manage the logistics deployment of its distribution chain.

Today, the daily use of our management solution has enabled us to transform Intermarché's entire logistics plan. Processes have been better defined to improve efficiency and performance. Today, for example, 10 people can do the work of 40, in a much shorter time.

Gone are the thousands of Word, Excel and other various tools. From now on, everything is compiled in the Project Monitor software (in SaaS mode for Intermarché), which saves teams time.

The mass retailer can monitor its sales in real time via dashboards:

  • Its resources
  • Its budgets
  • Its excesses
  • Its exchanges
  • And much more

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Thanks to Project Monitor , we give General Management visibility over all project themes. This gives us transparency on all our activities.

Stéphane Gravit - Logistics Development Manager - Projects