Customer support

Technical and functional expertise, a privileged contact for administrators Virage offers its customers an adaptable and customizable solution thanks to its two solutions, Project Monitor and Perf Monitor. In order to provide users with the best possible support in managing their projects, we involve our consultants directly in the field. They will then help companies generate value while optimizing tool performance.

customer support virage group

A typical week

In charge of tickets reported to support, the team is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, both in terms of the quality of the answers provided and compliance with SLAs. To achieve this, the team has the privilege of working with all Virage teams, whether Sales, Commercial, Technical or Service. As the privileged contact for our administrators, the support team is a true intermediary between the customer and all Virage resources.

A typical day :

  • Participation in the daily team stand-up meeting to list points of attention, blockages, calendar events, review the kanban...
  • Connection to supervision tools, knowledge of technical and operating events
  • Incident ticket flow processing
  • Work in cooperation with the technical management team dedicated to incident resolution
  • Participation in the acceptance of correction versions
  • Participation in the writing of knowledge base articles
  • Responding to requests for internal expertise

With a few options depending on the calendar:

  • Organization of special events at customers' request
  • Participation in customer excellence projects: documentation, process improvement, etc.
  • Customer excellence events: webinars, masterclasses, user clubs...
  • Conducting training sessions
  • Internal support for consultants, sales representatives...
  • Participation in novelty specification workshops

How to become a good support manager

  • Be attentive to customer needs
  • Curious, methodical, precise and rigorous
  • Work on a variety of themes
  • Be organized and show initiative
  • Know how to work in a hurry

What are the key skills required?

  • Business skills :
    • Smooth customer relations
    • Flawless writing in French and English
    • Knowledge of customer service professions
    • Knowledge of CRM and ticketing tools
    • Mastery of presentation and sharing tools
    • Knowledge of the agile method
    • Sensitivity to graphic facilitation and other meeting facilitation methods
  • Technical skills :
    • Appetence for new technologies
    • Understanding customer IS concepts
    • Project management
    • Understanding how databases work
customer support virage group

The support team integration program

An integration program is offered to all new recruits, including the acquisition of Project Monitor and Performance Monitor expertise, both functional and technical. As part of our Customer Excellence program, we encourage every employee to take a Project Management certification. To complete the induction process and gain a better understanding of the inner workings of our organization, we offer the opportunity to attend highlights of each team's work: demonstrations with the sales team, parameterization reviews with the consultants, version upgrades with the technical team, and so on.

Real career opportunities

Career development :

  • Or the "classic" route, which allows you to progress within the customer excellence team
  • Or a consulting-oriented career path to become a consultant
  • Or the commercial route

Discover a unique working environment

  • Colleagues who listen
  • A very pleasant working environment
  • Interesting customer diversity and themes
  • Consulting integrated into the universe Virage
  • A monthly update at our Nantes office
  • Annual seminar
  • A Christmas party
convivial moments virage group