Easily manage your water management projects

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  • Control and monitor the progress of operations: keep track of activities, quickly visualize their status
  • Mobilizing and coordinating project teams: work planning and workload monitoring, managing and coordinating the various players involved in the project.
  • Unify work tools within teams : some use Excel, others Power point...
  • Monitor expenditure and ensure that it is in line with current funding programs
  • Have visibility over the workload of your teams, who often find themselves over-staffed


We support water utilities and local authorities with our project portfolio management software Project Monitor :

  • An online platform providing access to all your team members
  • Visibility into the key points of each operation: schedule budgets, resources, risks.
  • Follow-up of the various phases and milestones of work to create and restore drinking water supply and wastewater treatment systems
  • Project progress and tracking indicators to ensure on-time delivery 
  • Consultants to help you implement the software and train your staff


Manage water management projects (IT & Works) in a single software package!

Opt for a scalable solution. The software is capable of addressing all challenges project portfolio management issues (costs, deadlines, workloads, risks, governance, etc.).


Rely on our experience with over 70 local authorities and public administrations

Discover real-life examples from the local authorities and water boards we support. Take advantage of fun training sessions with our consultants to get to grips with the tool.


Enter into a long-term relationship with our community of over 250 customers

Join our community platform. Discover workshops, webinars and annual events. You'll get regular feedback from CIO, PMO & Operations Managers!

Our support for the Bordeaux Métropole water authority

  • Monitoring and steering project progress CIO
  • Monitoring and steering the progress of central water, wastewater and stormwater projects


PowerPoint & Excel were no longer sufficient to keep track of all the projects carried out by CIO & the Régie's Centre Travaux department.

Project Monitor was already in place at Bordeaux Métropole. The Régie de l'eau, which is part of the Métropole, decided to set up its own body Project Monitor.

The teams needed a central tool to structure project and portfolio management, in order to :

  • improve performance,
  • from transparency in project progress,
  • better control project deliverability.


  • Manage and monitor project progress. As well as a global view of the portfolio.
  • Build and manage resource workloads
  • Manage and control the production of teams through tasks (creation of tasks, assignment to agents working on projects and follow-up)
  • Centralize project-related information (project file, recording and storage of project-related documents)
  • Risk management (definition of risk categories, risk management)
  • Produce indicators and activity reports with dashboards


The benefits of our project portfolio management software for local authorities and water boards

Strive for an efficient, exemplary and innovative water management service


  • Quickly visualize the progress of each operation, and make sure you haven't forgotten a task.
  • Improve efficiency: optimize the time spent on management activities and be able to report on activity in less time.
  • Improving/facilitating collaboration between MOA and MOE departments
  • Enhance the quality of technical monitoring of operations by department heads vis-à-vis technicians and operation managers.
  • For technicians/operations managers: reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, and free up time for tasks requiring greater technical skill.

Real-time overview of water and wastewater projects (network and facility works, etc.)

Project Monitor provides a real-time view of project progress (schedule, weather, status, workloads, etc.) and offers animation and facilitation tools for project prioritization and review.

  • A project meeting can be held at any time by generating a summary sheet.
  • Consolidation of project data within a portfolio is automatic.
  • Important information is centralized on the platform: Minutes, Actions, Tasks, Decisions, etc.
  • Project Monitor also incorporates an original web slideshow function, specifically developed in collaboration with VIRAGE customers, to animate project reviews, take notes and generate minutes.

collaborative project culture

Mobilizing and leading MOA & MOE teams

Project Monitor to define :

  • On the one hand, the workload for each project and activity, and the demand for resources
  • On the other hand, resource capacity.
    Project Monitor provides a real-time view of planned workloads and
    availability. Knowing what commitments have been made makes it easier to decide on new

Share reliable delivery dates

  • With Project Monitor, business units can track the progress of projects in real time, according to their rights, and view the key dates they need to meet to avoid slippage.
  • By sharing a common vision of schedules, deliverability is improved.
    Project Monitor also offers a range of collaborative features to get project teams involved.
management gestion des plannings gantt
project budget tracking table

Optimize budget tracking by project

  • Project Monitor allows you to monitor budgetary performance by project or portfolio,
  • define global envelopes for each entity, and even build a provisional budget, for one or more years.
  • Project Monitor can be interfaced with accounting software and business intelligence tools to track achievements

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20 years of expertise and leadership in PPM software for local authorities

Partner of COTER Numérique, the IT conference dedicated to local authorities

Annual events, masterclasses and webinars to share feedback from our customers (including: Ile et Vilaine, Eurométropole de Strasbourg, Haute-Savoie...).

8 reasons why over 250 organizations have joined us

  1. Functional scalability : targeted, progressive activation of application features
  2. Business experience : 20 years of project support
  3. Customer community a network and shared knowledge built around project management
  4. Easy adoption: take control of your projects and your project platform
  5. Information system integration  link the software to your IT system with ease via libraries of native connectors and webservices
  6. Simple, elegant designyour project platform doesn’t have to be an eyesore!
  7. Ultra-competitive TCO : a price without unpleasant surprises
  8. Consultancy DNA: support for bespoke implementation
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