Detailed monitoring of time and workload for 250 resources of the Innovation, Projects and Information Systems Department (CIO / DIPSI)

2,000 CIO projects and activities in the software Project Monitor

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Chronopost's Information Systems Department* uses Project Monitor to monitor its activity:

  • More than 2,000 projects, Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA), follow-up support and Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO)
  • 130 active projects at any one time
  • 250 internal and external resources declare their activity via timesheets every day
  • A PMO (Project Management Office) that monitors the portfolio in real time
  • Project dashboards and resource dashboards for General Management
  • Request follow-up (project, evolution, adjustment, etc.)
  • Quarterly arbitration on new projects integrating the "capacity to do" decision key

*Chronopost's CIO is part of DIPSI - Direction de l'Innovation des Projets et des Systèmes d'Information.

The initial context: support for the new CIO to monitor ongoing projects

"When I took up my new position, I needed to see which projects were underway, which were progressing and which were not. A tool to better know what was going on in my department".

Why a PPM tool? The challenges encountered before implementation :

  • Allocate and plan resources according to real-time availability
  • Set up governance rules for project abacuses
  • Streamline project methodology across Chronopost's 3 divisions with customization by user/objective
  • Manage and prioritize multiple e-mail requests

"The first objective was to track the time spent, but also the time we plan to spend on a project. Our biggest difficulty is choosing between all the project requests, because our resources are limited like any other company. This is a very important managerial act. Thanks to Project Monitor, we can see how many man-days we have available.

The PPM software response from Project Monitor

The Project Monitor application provides :

  • A comprehensive view of the business (project, support, etc.)
  • A time recording platform for each project team member
  • Forward planning of workloads across all activities
  • Real-time consolidation of reporting data for directors and managers

Features and benefits of implementing Project Monitor at Chronopost

Allocate and plan resources according to real-time availability

Having a workload schedule for all team members, as well as their activity tracking, enables us to monitor projects and make decisions on new projects. It is therefore an important decision-making element for new projects and those already launched.


Set up governance rules for project abacuses

At Chronopost, thanks to Project Monitor, all the information entered enables decisions to be made on project launch and reporting. Dashboards make it easy to identify project progress and risks.


Streamline project methodology across Chronopost's 3 divisions with customization by user/objective

The business project department, CIO and Alturing, which is responsible for outsourcing. The Project Monitor project methodology is used in these 3 departments. Except that the reflexes and use of Project Monitor are not quite the same. Project Monitor allows users to customize the tool according to their objectives and monitoring criteria. CIO is more concerned with load planning and capacity issues. Alturing focuses on time spent, allocation keys and financial management.


Project dashboards, including workload plans and time tracking, are the basis for project launch decisions.

Hugues de Maussion - Director of the Projects and Information Systems Innovation Department (DIPSI)