Project Monitor

User-friendly, customised PPM software to manage your portfolios for all kinds of projects: IT, construction, strategy, billable, internal, etc. Compatible with any method or frame of reference: agile, V-cycle, Prince 2, PMI or scrum.

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A single workspace solution to drive decisions

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Data-driven dashboards

Project themes, business indicators and project KPIs make it easy to analyse your project portfolio. They offer a single- or multi- project view of quantitative and qualitative data.

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Manage your team's workload

Project Monitor helps define generic resources representing a skill or team, and give detailed workloads for each resource included in the schedule.

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Track your expenses

With Project Monitor, you can declare a reference budget for each project, with details by type and budget item. You can also track actual expenses and escalate warnings.

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Functions for all your needs

  • Projects Dashboard
  • Project form
  • Project model
  • Resources scheduling
  • Projects cost forecast
  • Timesheets
  • Customization
  • Schedule management and Gantt Chart
  • Demand management

Use detailed or synthetic dashboards to know everything about the progress of your projects.


A project form entirely customizable.


Create easily your project from the models library.


Setup the amount of work from your projects teams. Define your work scheduling strategies. Manage your resources capacities (half-time, multi-tasking, etc).


Follow your work and investment budget to anticipate misdemeanor.


A simple screen to record your working times.

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Customize your tool with all your visual designs.


Conceive, follow and update the schedule from your projects.


List the project demands. Evaluate and priorities the demands. Convert the demand into project.

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General Managers

General Managers want software that gives them a global view of their strategic projects, with easy arbitration and a respected budget. This PPM software offers:

  • Project overview
  • Fast decision-making during arbitration
  • Escalation of warnings
  • Management of overall budget
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CIO – Chief Information Officers

CIOs are looking for comprehensive and collaborative portfolio management solutions in order to:

  • Define the IT master plan in terms of projects
  • Get an exhaustive view of their IT portfolio
  • Manage project progress at a glance
  • Optimise the resource workload plan
  • Plan costs easily and track actual expenses
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PMO – Project Management Office

PMOs are in search of collaborative IT project management solutions to make project management easier within their company. With this PPM tool they can:

  • Equip their project managers with the best solutions
  • Roll out project methods
  • Analyse project-monitoring updates
  • Prepare project reviews
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Organise and control your project portfolios with ease

Getting teams to work efficiently and comfortable is one thing; giving visibility to all portfolio stakeholders, GMsClientsProject ManagersCFOsPMOs, and project teams working on several ongoing, past and future projects, is another thing entirely. This is what project portfolio management solutions are for. More than just collaborative tools, they enable decision-makers to select the most relevant projects and manage future priorities.
They provide a wealth of information about the health status of the various projects

Project Monitor PPM Software offers a complete, structured and transparent process that is visible to everyone

Transparency: Project Monitor makes projects and their progress status visible to everyone, making it easy to create clear, understandable roadmaps.

Simple: in the “portfolio” section, you can easily identify which priority strategic projects will bring the most value to your company. Project Monitor is structured in such a way as to define the functions of project portfolio stakeholders. The software provides them with a roadmap of what they are required to do and the results they must achieve.

Comprehensive: Project Monitor is constantly evolving. It learns from observing some of the most efficient client companies in terms of project execution and innovation (Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, Eurométropole de Strasbourg, ENGIE, Macopharma, etc.). This software incorporates the best agile practices learned from these companies and local authorities, ensuring that there are no missing steps in the project execution process and that no critical errors are committed or jeopardise the overall project execution.