Project Monitor

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Project management adapted to your activity

logiciel - gestion de projet - DSI - logiciel - développeur - project monitor

Information Technology System Direction

A complete solution for the ITSD Project steering, support, OLS, IT director pattern, etc.

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Direction Générale - Project Monitor - gestion de projets - outil - logiciel - virage group

Executive management

Have a synthetic vision on the current projects, facilitate arbitration, wind up alerts, lead comities, etc.

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PMO - Project Management Office - DSI - gestion de projets - portefeuille projets

Project Management Officer

Share methods, guide project teams, prepare projects reviews, etc.

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Project Monitor helps you to...

Simply manage your resources capacities to establish planned workload and to help with resources allocation.

Project Monitor enables to integrate traditional methods in your projects, during the customization, and then to enjoy these elements while doing your project.

Project Monitor offers to create “budget plans” in which project managers will declare the budget needed by expense nature.

Project Monitor allows you to define customized projects or demands forms regarding your needs.

Functions for all your needs

  • Projects dashboard
  • Project form
  • Project model
  • Customization
  • Schedules management / Gantt
  • Demand management
écran tableau de bord projets - Project Monitor - logiciel - virage group

Detailed or synthetic dashboards to be aware of every details from your projects portfolio.

fiche projet - project monitor - fonctionnalité - personnalisable - web - bureautique

A project form entirely customizable.

Plan Action - structuration - plan digital - perf monitor - pilotage de plans d'actions

Create easily your project from the models library.

skin - personnalisation - Project Monitor - application - logiciel - virage group

Customize your tool with all your visual designs.

tableau de bord - gestion de projet - multigantt - gantt - planning - portefeuille projets

Conceive, follow and update the schedule from your projects.

gestion de la demande - requêtes - project monitor - pilotage de projet - gestion des capacités

List the project demands. Evaluate and priorities the demands. Convert the demand into project.

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