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Carefully manage project resource capacity

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The initial context: structuring project management and the ability to lead projects

In the supply chain, digital transformation is a top priority. Data is a crucial element in tracing goods and keeping customers and final recipients informed. Heppner is also proactive in the ecological transition. These challenges around digital and ecological transformation bring with them many structuring strategic projects. The challenge is to be able to arbitrate the launch of projects according to the capacity of the teams to handle the workload. The need therefore arose to professionalize project management: framing and selection processes for projects to be validated, portfolio management, community coordination and tooling.

"We had a tool to see past workloads, but we had no vision of the workload to be planned. We couldn't factualize and anticipate the workload in relation to the projects to be carried out. We had a tendency to accept all projects despite warnings from the teams: we're not sure but it'll pass!"

The software response Project Monitor

Project Monitor responded to these challenges with its resource management and project portfolio management functions:

  • A time sheet for each project team member
  • A workload plan with real-time resource capacity
  • Fact-based arbitration and workload anticipation
  • Facilitating and leading project portfolio reviews for steering bodies
  • Analysis of time spent per project and productivity of the company's various departments
  • Elements of methodology, in particular with the forms used in the scoping note for new projects

The main functions used in the PPM software :

  • Time entry
  • Workload plan
  • Portfolio review
  • Dashboards
  • Project model (Scope note with form)

The tool is used across all departments:

  • 44 users at the CIO
  • 11 AMOA users
  • 23 users in other internal teams
  • 11 external users

Project Monitor standardizes work methodologies and brings greater transparency to teams' ability to monitor workloads. The software helps to align teams, managers and management. In terms of Group objectives, the tool enables us to better pilot our resources to ensure that we put our efforts in the right place, in line with our strategy.

Clément Lalanne - Group Projects Manager