Who is responsible for project planning? 

Are your projects running late? Quality not meeting your expectations? Are your teams losing motivation? A planning problem could be at the root of these difficulties. Planning is essential to the success of a project, as it provides clear direction, sets achievable objectives and aligns all team members. This becomes all the more crucial when you're juggling a growing number of increasingly complex projects.

So it's vital not to underestimate the importance of planning. Find out more in our article: Why is project planning important?. But above all, it's imperative to appoint the right person or team to carry out this complex task. In this article, we explore the different players who can take charge of planning your project.

The project manager in charge of project planning

The project manager plays an essential role in planning and managing the project. Working with the project team and stakeholders, he or she ensures that everything runs smoothly and realistically.

Key responsibilities include: 

  1. Define objectives, deliverables and deadlines: By collecting and analyzing the necessary data, the project manager lays the foundations for the project.
  2. Structuring the project: By breaking down the project into phases or stages, while identifying the crucial activities.
  3. Assign tasks: Assign tasks to team members, taking into account their skills and workload.
  4. Monitor Progress: By managing dependencies between activities and establishing control mechanisms.
  5. Communication: Keeping stakeholders informed of project progress and soliciting their support and commitment.
  6. Risk management: By anticipating and managing risks, implementing mitigation measures and finding appropriate solutions.
  7. Ensuring Quality: Overseeing quality control processes and compliance with project standards and requirements.

The project manager thus assumes a great deal of responsibility throughout the project lifecycle to ensure its success. 

The PMO guarantees strategic project planning

The Project Management Office (PMO) plays a central role in the efficient management of projects within an organization. In addition to its traditional tasks of coordinating, monitoring and controlling projects, the PMO may also be responsible for planning these initiatives. To facilitate this task, the PMO can use project portfolio management software, also known as PPM (Project Portfolio Management).

With this tool, the PMO streamlines the planning process, optimizes resource allocation and obtains an accurate overview of the status of all ongoing projects. By using PPM software, the PMO strengthens its strategic role by ensuring that projects are planned consistently and aligned with overall corporate objectives, thereby increasing the chances of successful initiatives.

💡Ato remember

Who should be in charge of planning your project - the project manager or the PMO - depends on the complexity of the project, the resources available and the structure of your organization. Whatever the case, the key to success lies in rigorous planning.

The PMO can play a key role in project planning by using PPM software, which promotes efficient resource management and provides a clear overview of all ongoing projects, thus increasing the chances of successful initiatives. Project planning should not be an isolated process, but rather a collaborative one involving key stakeholders from the earliest stages. Project planning is always a team effort. By fostering collaboration, everyone can contribute their experience and skills to the overall success of projects.

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