What is project planning?

Around 70% of projects fail, mainly due to a lack of clear objectives. The consequences of such failure can be severe for an organization, resulting in significant financial losses and a tarnished reputation, particularly if customers and business partners find themselves disappointed. It can also have a negative impact on internal teams

So how do you ensure project success? The first crucial step towards success is solid, accurate planning. In this article, you'll find out in detail what project planning is, as well as some practical tips on how to get it right. 

What is project planning? 

Project planning involves anticipating and defining upstream what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and who will be responsible for carrying out the actions required to achieve the objectives set. It's like drawing up a detailed map that guides the team towards the project's success.

In project management, planning involves several crucial activities: 

💡Planningis therefore a fundamental step that paves the way to project success by precisely determining the steps to be taken, the resources required and the actions to be undertaken. It constitutes a detailed roadmap, making it possible to anticipate, organize and precisely define all the stages and actions required to achieve the objectives set. It is a fundamental pillar of project management, making a major contribution to the overall success of the project. 

What is the purpose of planning? 

The aim of project planning is to increase the project's chances of success. As we have just seen, it enables : 

💡Projectplanning is a complex activity, but it's essential to the success of a project. By investing in planning, organizations can increase their chances of completing projects on time, on budget and in line with requirements. 

What are the main benefits of project planning?

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of planning for successful projects, read our dedicated article. 

How do you plan your projects with PPM software like Project Monitor ? 

For optimum project planning, we recommend the use of dedicated software such as Project Monitor.

Project Monitor is a simple, adaptable and scalable PPM (Project Portfolio Management) solution designed to improve your project management, whatever the nature of your projects. This all-in-one software offers essential functionality for :

  1. Facilitate the planning of all your projects.
  2. Optimize the distribution of your resources' workloads.
  3. Prioritize your projects with ease.
  4. Control your project budgets.

Project Monitor has definitely made us abandon our Excel files for budget preparation and monitoring!

Sandrine CHABANNES, Head of Accounting and Contracts - Haute-Savoie Departmental Council

Don't hesitate to request a demo to find out how our solution can transform your project management!

💡Ato remember

Project planning is based on three essential elements: the why (objective), the what (deliverable) and the how (resources). By defining these elements, the project manager obtains a clear and detailed vision of the path to follow to successfully achieve the project's objectives. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk, ensuring the success of the project. Good planning is therefore the key to successful project completion. 

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