What are the planning stages of a project?

Although planning may seem tedious and restrictive, it remains an indispensable pillar of success for every project. Discover in this article the key steps to successful planning, as well as tips on how to become a seasoned planner and simplify the process.

Steps to successful project planning 

Generally speaking, project planning consists of : 

To ensure the success of your projects, we recommend that you take the following steps: 

Define objectives and understand project scope and deliverables: 

Define and list project activities : 

Define activity scheduling and milestones: 

Define the resources needed to complete all tasks: 

Estimate the duration of all activities: 

schedule : 

Allocate resources : 

Estimating costs and budgeting : 

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Why use Project Monitor as a project planning tool? 

Given the crucial but sometimes tedious importance of project planning, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of software to simplify this complex task. We recommend our Project Monitor software for efficient project management. 

Project MonitorProject Portfolio Management (PPM) software will help you : 

As Heppner's Project Manager explains, our solution will give you an overview of all your projects, and provide you with a better view of resource planning, for example:

| "We had a tool to see past workloads, but we had no vision of the workload to be planned. 

We were unable to factualize and anticipate the workload in relation to the projects to be carried out. 

We had a tendency to accept all projects, despite our teams' warnings: we're not sure, but it's going to happen! 

Now we have a better view of resource planning."

Clément Lalanne, Group Projects Manager, Heppner

If, like Heppner's Project Manager, you're having trouble gaining an overview of your resource planning, contact our experts or ask for a personalized demo.

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