Local authorities and public policy

Improve and track the effectiveness of your public policies (offer VIRAGE available in the UGAP catalog)

From putting public policies into action to evaluating them

Translate public policies into action plans

Lacking a tool to coordinate public action, it is often complicated to structure an action plan with objectives shared by all. Everyone has their own version of an action plan, structured differently and with a different degree of updating.

Perf Monitor allows you to structure all your action plans in a single tool that can be consulted by everyone.

  • Each action plan manager can administer his or her action plan and delegate responsibility for actions to his or her teams.
  • A common structure can be defined for several action plans.
  • Action models make it easier to spread the evaluation culture.
public policy action plan

Simplify data collection

When an action plan manager needs to carry out an in itinere evaluation of his action plan, he needs up-to-date data. Without such a tool, data collection can be time-consuming, involving e-mail exchanges, reminders and follow-up on updates, with a high risk of error.

Perf Monitor allows you to :

  • make it easier to update actions
  • relaunch users who are late with their entries in a matter of seconds
  • program automatic reminders and track the progress of action updates

Real-time data processing

When a local authority, for example, carries out or commissions an evaluation of its public policies, a major part of the work consists of collecting, structuring and formatting the data, so that it can be analyzed and the performance of action plans assessed.

With Perf Monitor, in addition to gathering information and structuring action plans, you can :

  • access reports in a matter of seconds, enabling you to track progress on achievement and performance indicators
  • go into more detail about actions using action sheets
  • get an overview of your action plans thanks to graphs and consolidated information

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