Governance leadership 

Halve the time spent collecting your indicators and simplify your plan reviews.

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Picto Declare your past times

Gain in efficiency

Don't waste any more time preparing materials for governance meetings. For operational sessions, generate your slideshow in just one click and roll out your plan and action review.   

Picto Validate your Activity Reports

Get a complete, reliable picture

Present figures and data that have been validated.

Picto Follow updates

Streamline communication  

View, complete and modify all exchanges relating to plans and actions directly in your dashboard. 

Perf Monitor is equipped with a complete toolbox for leading your Plans' key governance moments: 

✔ Action Sheets & Plan Sheets in office format 

Perf Monitor extracts data from the application to automatically produce customizable PowerPoint presentations.

Screenshot Perf Monitor KPI tracking

✔ Plan Review, Axis Review & Action Review  

Perf Monitor allows you to prepare and lead performance "reviews" by simply moving from one action to another, and to record records of decisions.

✔ Flash report and comments  

Perf Monitor allows you to easily create flash reports within a plan or action. These flash reports can be included in reports and summary sheets.  

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Other functions

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