Creating and monitoring indicators  

With Perf Monitor's indicator generator, you can model any type of indicator and easily correlate it with your objectives.

Picto Declare your past times

Native consolidation of indicators

Get an overall, consolidated view of your indicators, including your target reference, your trajectory and current progress 

Picto Validate your Activity Reports

Data reliability

Create validation processes to ensure data reliability 

Picto Follow updates

Simplified collections

Save time, make your data collection secure and reliable

Benefits of creating and monitoring indicators

✔ Wide choice of indicators to suit your needs  

  • Numerical indicators (can be calculated)  
  • Qualitative indicators  
  • Progress indicators (weather, etc.)  
Screenshot Perf Monitor KPI planning

✔ Indicator templates to simplify creation

Use our indicator generator to easily model your objectives, progress and projected vision. You can create indicators using predefined templates or by duplicating existing ones. Action templates let you simplify the creation of similar indicators. 

✔ Flexible, configurable indicators

Adapt your indicators to different levels, such as the strategic plan level, the action plan level, the action level (indicator specific to a given action), or the multi-action level.
Create customized indicators, adapted to your organization.  

✔ Quick and easy indicator collection  

  • Each contributor simply updates their indicators from their home page, within an action, or on a multi-action data collection page.
  • Elementary data can be captured in a business logic and converted into management indicators. 
  • Indicator collection can be organized with reporting campaigns: deadlines, data entry supervision, automatic reminders.

✔ Advanced user role management

Create roles with specific rights, so that each user only sees the indicators assigned to them and relevant to them.  

✔ Easy organization of indicators

Sort, filter and classify your indicators in the blink of an eye, thanks to our intuitive tagging system. 

✔ Quick indicator update

Save time by entering or validating your indicators en masse. You can easily update indicators directly in dashboards, plans and actions. 

✔ Customized validation workflow

Create validation processes tailored to your needs, including mass validation. 

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