Ensuring strategic dialogue with management


If strategy is crystal-clear to the ComEx and C-Levels involved in its elaboration, is this true outside top management? Successful execution depends on strategic dialogue, both top-down - "here are your objectives" - and bottom-up - "here is the progress of the strategic plan".
A lack of strategic dialogue has dramatic consequences:

  • Misaligned objectives,
  • Unclear communication,
  • Insufficient performance monitoring,

These problems are a source of costly errors and internal tensions.


Secure dialogue between ComEx and managers in charge of strategic execution via a single tool.

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PERF Monitor, your SEM tool for strategy execution management

PERF Monitor's first contribution is to make strategy tangible in a "top-down" logic:   

  • The strategic objectives are transposed into PERF Monitor and can be applied to each BU, entity or department of the organization. 
  • The strategic plans and associated actions to achieve these objectives are modeled and included in the 
  • Stakeholders in strategic execution are identified and held accountable 
  • Performance measurement is defined through quantitative and qualitative indicators. Data entry, validation and consolidation procedures are modeled to secure data acquisition. 
Perf Monitor Action dashboard capture

PERF Monitor's second contribution is to fuel dialogue on the basis of measurement in a "bottom-up" logic: 

  • For each objective, stakeholders propose concrete actions necessarily aligned with the strategy. 
  • For each action, the action owner carries out factual reporting on performance measurement indicators. Reporting sequences can be animated by data collection campaigns. 
  • Information is processed according to the business logic of the person carrying out the action, and indicator modeling transforms this data into strategic measures. 
  • All data is validated and consolidated according to the frequency required by governance rules (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual).  
  • Data is available in real time to inform strategic steering bodies. This is achieved through native dashboards, enriched as required by Business Intelligence systems. 

PERF Monitor's third contribution is to animate strategic dialogue in a collaborative dynamic: 

  • Whatever the level in the strategic plan, the platform enables us to bring stakeholders together and review key data. It is also used to animate governance bodies, moving from a global to a local vision. From strategy to action. 
  • Indicator monitoring combines ambition, achievements and estimates. The indicator is the link between the "strategic", "tactical" and "operational" spheres. The keys to dialogue are based on how far we've come, how far we've gone, and whether we need to adjust our route. 
  • In addition to indicators, the application enables instantaneous information sharing and simple, rapid interaction between all stakeholders involved in actions, plans and strategy! 
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The days of centralized control from a head office are over. From now on, we need to work in a networked and collaborative way. This is how we manage our performance plans with PERF Monitor.

Didier LIAUTAUD - Deputy Group Performance Director - ENGIE

PERF Monitor's key features for ComEx and managers

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