Dashboarding and decision-making reporting 

A single control center for all your plans.

Global dashboard capture
Picto Declare your past times

Simple, user-friendly dashboards

Easily track the indicators of your plans and the thousands of actions that make them up, with visual dashboards that make it easy to get the information you need.

Picto Validate your Activity Reports

360° view of plans

Track KPIs (financial or non-financial indicators, weather progress, etc.) and identify discrepancies between expected and actual results at a glance.  

Picto Follow updates

Data consolidation and reliability

Get up-to-date, reliable and consolidated data.  

Benefits of the dashboard and decision-making reporting functionality 

✔ Customizable dashboards  

  • Dashboards are fully modular and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each user.  
  • They can be easily created and modified using a library of predefined widgets or custom widgets.  
  • Widgets present data visually in the form of graphs, diagrams, text, features, etc. 
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✔ Adapted view  

Users have access to dashboards tailored to their specific needs, based on configurable analysis axes: hierarchical, operational, strategic, etc.
They can be organized by plan, plan scope, action, multi-action, strategic axis, business unit, region, site, etc. 

✔ Real-time updating and consolidation  

  • Dashboards are automatically updated as soon as indicators change. 
  • Data is dynamically consolidated.  

✔ Dashboards tailored to different users 

Sophisticated role and rights management enables you to configure authorizations for each dashboard, providing a tailored and structured view of data according to the needs of each user. Depending on their role and access rights, users can access dashboards corresponding to their functions, levels and perimeters.
Roles can be assigned to an action, a plan, an indicator or an organization.  

✔ Easily accessible and navigable 

Dashboards are easily accessible from the user's home page. A search bar ensures smooth navigation. A search and filter system within the software offers a simple and intuitive user experience.  

✔ Information sharing and communication  

Users can easily share relevant information with stakeholders thanks to integrated exchange tools such as office cards, plan reviews, flash reports and comments. Notifications can also be used to alert users to important updates. 

✔ Integration at the heart of the IS  

Perf Monitor integrates with your company's information system, including data visualization solutions such as Power BI, enabling in-depth analysis and optimal use of data. 

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