Campaign management 

Quickly collect thousands of pieces of information on all the actions in your plan.

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Simplified Data Collection 

Plan and delimit the collection of information on a set of actions or plans according to a specified schedule to facilitate regular data collection. 

Picto Validate your Activity Reports

Instant Overview 

Thanks to our campaign tracking functionality, you can quickly visualize the status of actions and plans, distinguishing between those that are up to date and those that require additional data. 

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Automatic relays 

Use our automated reminder tool to target action or plan leaders who are behind on their updates. This promotes engagement and helps maintain the campaign schedule. 

Benefits of campaign management functionality 

  • Create specific evaluation points during an action and ask action managers to complete the indicators for an overview of progress. 
  • Carry out regular performance monitoring, for example with quarterly financial and non-financial reports, to assess the effectiveness of the actions undertaken.   
  • Carry out transformation plan monitoring, as part of public policy monitoring, associated with political highlights. Carry out evaluation campaigns to monitor the achievement of objectives. 
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Other functions

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