Demand management: from idea to project

Project Monitor helps you identify the right projects and requests to include in your portfolio.

Transparent, simplified claims adjudication   

picto collect requests

Get an exhaustive overview of your requests

Centralizing all requests in a single interface provides a global view and allows the PMO to step back and sort through the requests.

Picto Evaluate requests

Compare your requests in the blink of an eye

Portfolio reviews, dashboards, bubble charts, and radars allow for quick and efficient comparison of applications.

Picto Validate projects to be launched

Objective, informed decisions 

With Project Monitor, evaluate your requests according to objective, configurable criteria (resources, budgets, strategic priorities, etc.).

idea management system smi

1 - Save time and harmonize the collection and sorting of your requests by using standard forms and templates, adapted to your organization's needs.

2 - Create scenarios to simulate the impact of your requests on your existing projects and constraints. Integrate your budget or resource constraints to make informed decisions.

3 - Collaborate efficiently with all stakeholders thanks to the historization of all exchanges and the edition of automatic reports.  

The demand management and arbitration functionality is useful for every member of your organization.

ppm resource tool


Can be of various types (internal, external, business...)

Facilitates tracking of requests and improves communication.



Centralizes all requests and has a global vision.

ppm tool technical administrator

Portfolio Manager

Has an idea of the constraints and a strategic vision.

ppm management tool


Takes part in the arbitration process and in the study of certain requests related to its direction.

Benefits of demand management and arbitration functionality

✔ Collect all your project requests in a single tool     

Centralize all requests from various channels in a single tool for easy tracking and sorting.  

  • Requests can be collected manually or automatically, using tools such as EasyVista or ServiceNow.
  • Save time and simplify data collection with standard application forms.
  • Visualize at a glance all requests created and their status.
arbitration committee table
MAREVA methodology

✔ Arbitrate your requests transparently thanks to the implementation of workflows and the sharing of best practices. 

Depending on the size of your organization and the volume of your demand flow, Project Monitor can model and implement a demand management process.  

✔ Don't waste any more time with requests that are inconsistent or don't fit in with your overall strategy.

  • Quickly evaluate requests using configurable criteria such as profitability or added value, thanks to a macro view.
  • Automatic scoring to measure the value of your requests.
project portfolio dashboard
portfolio scenario

✔ Compare your requests with your existing projects

  • Create scenarios to simulate the impact of your requests on existing projects and constraints.
  • Get a detailed report on the changes to be made, so you can discuss them with all stakeholders and integrate your requests into your portfolio under the best possible conditions.

✔ Integrate your requests into your project portfolio in just a few clicks.

Once your request has been validated, Project Monitor allows you to apply a project template in order to inherit standard models (schedule type, budget charts, JH charts, standard risks, etc.).

project model project monitor

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