Control and optimize your R&D projects with a common project platform

At the heart of a company's innovation strategy, the R&D department plays an essential role in value creation. However, R&D projects pose many challenges, due to the considerable investments they require and the uncertainties surrounding expected results. To manage these projects effectively, it is essential to coordinate a wide range of skills and expertise, and to make the constant adjustments required by the iterative R&D process. In this context, the use of project portfolio software is essential to optimize the management of these projects and maximize their value-creation potential.

With Project Monitor you can :

  • Deciding which projects to launch
  • Anticipate drift and reduce the time-to-market of your R&D projects 
  • Fine-tune the allocation and capacity of your resources to carry out your projects
  • Foster collaboration around a shared project culture
  • Work on a common platform with CIO to anticipate the digital impacts of new projects

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Take control of your R&D projects with efficient project portfolio management

For effective project management in an R&D department, it is essential to have a detailed project view for day-to-day task management, and an overall portfolio view for long-term strategic planning. These two views are complementary and necessary to manage available resources, priorities and dependencies between different projects. The detailed project view enables progress to be tracked and problems to be resolved quickly, while the global portfolio view enables the overall ability to manage projects and allocate resources to be assessed.    

Decide which projects to launch

The very essence of the R&D department's work is to generate new ideas. But with a multitude of new ideas comes the need to sort out and prioritize the most relevant and value-creating ideas for the company.  

Project Monitor helps you select new projects by providing an overview of the current and future project portfolio.  

  • No matter where they come from, centralize all your requests in a single tool,
  • Sort and arbitrate your requests according to configurable criteria (ROI, feasibility, business value...),
  • Visualize your organization's capacity to deliver and facilitate arbitration, decision-making and prioritization, 
  • Create scenarios and assess the potential impact of each new project on the existing portfolio. Easily identify the actions required to launch new projects.

Anticipate drifts and reduce the time-to-market of your R&D projects 

  • Track project progress in real time,
  • Reports and dashboards provide an overview of the progress of each project. This enables you to identify bottlenecks, anticipate potential deviations and rapidly implement corrective actions,
  • Exchange tools directly integrated into your dashboards enable you to communicate simply and gain in productivity.  


project portfolio dashboard

Mobilize the right resources at the right time 

  • Fine-tune resource allocation and capacity with advanced features,
  • Plan, monitor and adjust your teams' activities in real time,
  • Avoid overload situations that could jeopardize the development of your innovations.


Foster collaboration with a shared project culture

  • Project Monitor facilitates collaboration and communication by enabling information sharing and transparent communication,
  • Numerous exchange tools are available within the projects themselves, including dashboards and web slideshows,
  • Work on a common platform with CIO to share the digital impacts of new projects.


collaborative project culture

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Integrate Project Monitor into your information system with its native, standardized interfaces

Easily link the software to your information system thanks to libraries of web services and native connectors. Project Monitor is designed to be compatible with the solutions and processes you use internally:

  • Office automation
  • Financial system
  • Business Intelligence
  • Document management
  • User management
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