Resource planning and management

Manage your resources' workload in real time across all the projects in your portfolio.

Identify overload peaks and analyze discrepancies between planned time and actual time, so you can immediately spot any deviations.

Project tracking dashboard

Plan your teams' activities simply and efficiently   

Picto Manage Project Resources

Manage your resources

Project Monitor allows you to manage your resources' workloads: define generic resources corresponding to a team or skill, and refine their workloads (planning, target, to-do list) by named resource.

Picto Workload plan

Plan your loads

For each resource, Project Monitor lets you define a target load and plan it over time on different scales (global, monthly, weekly, daily). 

picto capacity schedule

Identify your can-do attitude

Based on the planned workload, Project Monitor calculates the availability of each resource in real time. The manager can then consult availability by skill, by project or phase, by type of resource or by team.

Flat design resources

1. Get an overview of each project, with the planned workload based on available resources. Plan resource activities as accurately as possible.

2. Provide resources with an activity entry sheet, to give them an overall view of what has been achieved in relation to planning, and to enable them to identify the "reste-à-faire".

3. Analyze the time spent on each project, and have a clear view of all workloads, so that you can monitor the progress of tasks and schedule.

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The resource management and planning functionality is useful for every member of your organization.

ppm resource tool


Simple, fast and exhaustive time recording of project and non-project activities, and an estimate of "remaining work".

ppm tool project manager

Project Manager

A global view of resource load and project progress, enabling him to identify and anticipate the needs of his team. This view enables him to spot overloads, delays in schedule, and other relevant elements.

ppm sirh tool

Resources Manager

A global view of the resource workload, facilitating management and enabling us to assess the capacity to integrate new projects into the existing portfolio.

ppm program manager tool


Precise monitoring of team workloads and a clear view of total project costs, including resources.

Benefits of resource management and planning functionality

✔ Time tracking & Resource planning

Each resource has a personal time entry sheet for allocating time spent on projects. Project Monitor generates automatic, personalized activity entry sheets for each employee, with allocation lines taken from planning. The inclusion of non-project time (training, leave, run) in resource capacity gives a precise view of availability.

Project Monitor also integrates part-time management and international and company holiday calendars.  

time recording
capacity schedule

✔ Allocate the right resources at the right time

Project Monitor enables you to optimize your resource management by matching your workload to your resource capacity. This resource management support tool constantly alerts you to understaffing and overstaffing. The software allows you to describe resources according to their profile, direction and department, so you can easily identify and assign the skills required for a project, thanks to the resource repository. Easily match the ideal resources to your projects, thanks to the many possible profiles (functions, skills, management, etc.).

✔ Save time on data consolidation: "Get a real-time view of resource activity".

An unmanaged workload schedule is of no use in project portfolio management. Its structure must clearly highlight overloads or overcapacities, while enabling future needs to be anticipated.

Project Monitor offers dashboards and reports that make it easy to consolidate data at the desired level. They enable information to be grouped by resource, team, profile, project or activity type, providing an overview of team workloads, work-in-progress and even a comparison between what has been achieved and what was planned. These features provide global visibility of the project portfolio.

availability of project resources
resource planning

✔ Improve your predictability on projects by building up abacuses

The time spent on the project will be used to produce abacuses to help plan future projects.

These charts can be used in project models to improve predictive capability.

✔ Rationalize the investment of your resources to maximize the company's value creation.

  • Transform your resource vision into a budgetary one to optimize your project costs.
  • Make the most of your resources to optimize the cost of your projects.
  • Model individual or generic costs.
  • Convert days charged per resource into actual cost to make informed decisions, such as the "make or buy" decision.
roi project resource management

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