Time tracking

Activity monitoring on all allocated projects

project resource management software

Simple, personalized timesheet for activity recording

Picto Declare your past times

Quick and easy time recording

Each employee has a unique activity declaration sheet. Input help functions make the process quick and easy (color coding, comparison with capacity, part-time).

Picto Validate your Activity Reports

Validate your activity reports

Users can complete their entries with comments on their activity.

Picto Follow updates

Follow updates in real time

Quickly visualize the progress of your teams' time entry via a dashboard. Automatic reminders help you ensure that your employees' timesheets are up to date.

Software time sheet virage

1. Get reliable, up-to-date data on your teams' activities.

2. A detailed analysis of time spent enables you to draw lessons and contributes to thecontinuous improvement of your processes.

3. Accurate time recording helps you determine the real costs associated with your projects, so you can better plan your budgets and resources.

The time recording feature is useful for every member of your organization.

ppm resource tool


Declare your work and alert you to unfeasible planning.
Enable you to create load charts.

ppm tool project manager

Project Manager

A global view of time spent and time remaining to be done

ppm tool technical administrator

Portfolio Manager

Accurate tracking of time spent. Analyze portfolio performance and planning quality.

ppm tool general manager


Analyze time spent per project and HR needs (recruitment/outsourcing)

Benefits of time recording functionality

✔ Reduce your employees' administrative burden

Simple, personalized timesheets let your employees quickly allocate their time to projects and activities:

  • Access to the time sheet directly from the home page.
  • Only projects on which the user is scheduled are displayed. (Users can still select other projects to which they are assigned).
  • Sort and filter projects and activities.
  • Search bars are integrated directly into the screen, making it easier to find projects.
  • A color code quickly indicates whether or not the entry exceeds the cell's capacity.
  • Automatic reminders are sent to employees to enter their times.
  • Times can be entered in hours or days, thanks to automatic conversion into man-days.
  • Add comments to add contextual elements.
Visual activity recording

✔ Anticipate project drifts

Your employees enter their time spent and can also indicate their remaining work on projects. Time spent data entered by users is automatically fed back into the project. This means you can immediately compare planned and actual times, evaluate the time remaining to be done, and spot any deviations.  

✔ Control and consolidate business in real time

A summary dashboard on project time entry lets you quickly visualize your team's entry. A monthly gauge indicates the level of completion of data entry in relation to the employee's monthly capacity.

Project Monitor gives you a true picture of consumption, so you can better control your teams' project and non-project activity. All data entered is automatically consolidated in analytical dashboards.

dashboard CIO

✔ Learn from activity capture

The times allocated to project and non-project activities enable you to identify load charts to refine your future forecasts. These load charts can be modeled in project templates.

Time tracking provides valuable indicators. With a view to continuous improvement, these indicators help to better target estimates of completion times for tasks, phases and projects.

During performance reviews, employees and managers take stock of the time spent on projects. Project Monitor enables them to draw the right conclusions from actual consumption...

The analysis of activity data also enables you to identify areas for management improvement and ensure the satisfaction of your teams.  

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