Schedule management and Gantt charts

With Project Monitor , you can plan and track the progress of your projects in a simple, interactive and collaborative way. Thanks to our online Gantt, you can easily organize the different phases and milestones of your projects, assign responsibilities and track the progress of each stage in real time.

Project planning tool

A Gantt chart to plan your projects   

picto chronology

Easily track the progress of your projects

Which milestone has passed? Which milestone is overdue? Compare schedule target and schedule actual at a glance. You can see the difference on the Gantt chart, and the biggest slippages can be seen in the project cockpit.

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Structure all your projects with phases and milestones

Milestones mark a key moment in the project (deliverable, end of sequence) and enable easy tracking of schedule projects. Project Monitor allows you to type milestones, associate documents with them, name a person responsible for them, and link them. Don't miss any more key events.

picto multi gantt

Multi-project tracking in the blink of an eye

Project Monitor provides real-time visualization of schedule progress at multi-project level, enabling you to visualize the timing and dependencies of portfolio projects using a Gantt chart.

management gestion des plannings gantt

1. Initializeproject milestones and deadlinesusing standard templates.

2. Simply identify the dependencies between project phases and their rate of progress.

3. Visualize and anticipate potential project deviations. Compare target schedule and revised schedule in one click.

The Schedule Management and Gantt Chart functions are useful for every member of your organization.

ppm tool project manager

Project Manager

Assisted project planning. Gantt time breakdown of projects, with milestones and dependencies to meet deadlines.  



A global view of the schedule portfolio, with project scheduling and milestone tracking.

ppm management control tool


A complete view of the portfolio structure, better visibility of what needs to be done, what is a priority, and possible delays to basic planning.

Control the execution of your project portfolios

Pictogram chronology

Portfolio chronology

You can view the progress of each project line. You'll find everything much simpler with an overview of the progress of each project phase.

Pictogram multi gantt


The Gantt view is more detailed by project, with the option of filtering the items displayed by key deadline type.

review of key gantt milestones

Review of key milestones

You can visualize the passage of key milestones and check that your project methodology is being properly applied. You can quickly analyze the progress of your projects from forecast to completion.

Benefits of schedule management and Gantt chart functionality

✔ Anticipate potential delays, automatically reschedule projects

Interactions between activities are modeled through inter- and intra-project dependencies. An activity shifts? The project manager can choose to automatically reschedule the project. He retains control of his project schedule . Based on alerts, he can adjust his schedule and shift the project if he wishes. Dependencies can also be recalculated with new durations by adding extra time between phases.

project planning software
schedule type method project

✔ Check deadlines with schedule reference

Compare schedule target and schedule realization in one click. You can quickly see the drift between the schedule target and the schedule re-estimated. See the juxtaposition between the planned and actual phases. You can see the difference between your forecast and the number of days originally planned.

This dashboard shows you the health of your schedule management.

- overall vision for achieving project milestones

- cockpit schedule = number or percentage of milestones achieved / target

- target/make/delay max.

✔ Track your key milestones with the Gantt chart

Save time! The planning tool is the most efficient way of listing the activities needed to bring all projects to a successful conclusion. The Gantt feeds the milestone review in real time. The Key Milestone Review is a sortable list of online projects. Customizable information such as health indicators and attribute groupings for budgets, schedule, resources and risks are available.

Schedule management Gantt chart
collaborative project tracking tool

✔ Manage your schedules simply and collaboratively

Simply delegate responsibility for project objects or bricks from schedule. Synchronize milestones with your personal calendar to receive reminders of milestone dates (ICAL-compatible interface: Outlook, Google Calendar...). Easily consult associated tasks thanks to a Kanban dashboard.

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