Project budget monitoring

Track the costs and financial performance of your projects in real time.

Identify discrepancies between forecasts and actuals to spot any deviations immediately.

project budget management

Control and optimize your expenses and investments   

Picto expense tracking

Monitor project costs and budget execution

Project Monitor allows you to declare a baseline budget for each project, broken down by type and budget item. You can also monitor actual costs and budget variances.

picto links projects

Precise, reliable budget management

The software enables you to track actual expenditure by direct entry or by interfacing the solution with the main financial management tools on the market. Data can be broken down by financial item (quotation, invoice).

picto anticipation of derivatives

Optimize the financial planning of your project portfolio

Model your investment capacities and allocate your project budgets. In addition to tracking achievements, you can declare a re-estimate or a project landing forecast. These forecasts can be planned over time by fiscal year.

project budget monitoring

1. Define and plan expenditure forecasts by month/quarter/year or financial year.

2. manage your project budgets with dashboards that provide a complete overview of budget consumption, by project, entity or portfolio.

3. Track commitments, re-estimate budgets and visualize remaining budget

The project budget tracking feature is useful for every member of your organization.

ppm program manager tool

Program Manager

Helps you meet your project objectives: on-budget costs, on-time delivery, specifications and quality.

ppm management control tool

Management Controller

Ensure that expenses are within budget, and prevent any overruns. Quickly identify any potential overruns.



Collect and aggregate progress data to feed dashboards and keep budget management under control.

Benefits of project budget tracking

✔ Visualize the key figures of your budget data during your arbitration committees.

All budget data entered in a project can be consolidated at portfolio level in the form of tabular or graphical reports.

budget portfolio
Project budget monitoring

✔ Organize and collect your budget requests more easily

With Project Monitor, you can formulate your budget requests by project, specifying the different budgets required according to various assumptions.

A validated request can be copied to the project's planned budgets. All budget data (requests, forecasts, commitments, payments, etc.) can be consolidated across projects, and displayed by month/quarter/year or fiscal year.

✔ Prepare project reviews faster and track budget consumption for each project

A dashboard allows you to view each project to understand and analyze current projects. It's also possible to get an overall view of budgets for all projects within a department or service.

This project-based analysis enables you to review your budgets, highlight any non-compliant budget situations and quickly identify problems in current and forecast years.

Project budget monitoring
project budget management

✔ View your project managers' budget forecasts

To communicate their forecasts, project managers use the Plan function, which allows them to plan a budget over different fiscal years.

✔ Track the progress of your budget envelopes

  • Manage multi-funded projects with budget envelope management. (An envelope can finance several projects, and a project can use several envelopes).
  • Get reports on envelope consumption status.
project budget tracking software
IT asset management

✔ Interface Project Monitor with your financial tracking software

Save time and secure budget information by synchronizing Project Monitor with your financial tools such as SAP, Grand Angle, Astre or Coriolis.  

Automatically retrieve committed and invoiced amounts, quotes, invoices, budget forecasts and budget envelopes.

✔ Enhanced resources: Link your resources and budgets

With Project Monitor, it's easy to calculate the value of a resource using the average daily rate (ADR). The AADR is assigned directly to the resource profile in the software, and each resource can have a different AADR depending on the assignment. You can track the details of each resource in a report, which includes cost, rate and realized profit margin.

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