Information system integration

Centralize all project information useful to your teams

Integrate Project Monitor with your IS's key software applications

Connect Project Monitor to your business tools

Project Monitor is designed to be compatible with your in-house solutions and processes. The software is regularly interfaced with the following applications:

  • Office integration: Microsoft Office; Libre Office; Excel; Word; Powerpoint...
  • Financial systems: Grand Angle (CGI); Astre (GFI); Coriolis (Bull)...
  • Business Intelligence: Business Object; Qlikview...
  • Document management: Sharepoint; Alfresco; CMIS connector...
  • User management: Active Directory, Okta; Shibboleth...
IT asset management

Connect your tools and strengthen team collaboration

Picto expense tracking

Financial tools

Amounts committed, estimates, invoices, projected budgets

Picto Office Suite

Office suite

Import/Export xls, docx and pptx files

Picto data visualization

Data visualization

Business Intelligence and geographic information systems

picto messaging


Event alerts, reports, to-dos

Optimize your project processes | Facilitate technical administration | Add value to PPM information

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kanban board

Simplify your teams' work by synchronizing their tasks automatically

Plan sprints and assign tasks to your entire development team. Thanks to its library of webservices, Project Monitor can be interfaced with IT service management tools, so that all tasks opened in the ticketing tool on behalf of an application can be uploaded to Project Monitor within an "Application" project. Information such as an assignment, duration or estimated time spent in third-party software can be imported directly into a project or activity on Project Monitor.

Secure budget information for your projects

Project Monitor 's financial interfaces automatically retrieve committed amounts, mandated amounts, quotes, invoices, budget forecasts and budget envelopes.

project budget tracking table
collaborative project tracking tool

Keep your colleagues informed of progress and alerts via messaging

The collaboration and task management modules are coupled with a messaging server that enables e-mails to be sent to selected project team members. Project Monitor also enables event-based alerts to be managed. For example, a user can be informed in his or her mailbox of the imminence of an unvalidated milestone. What's more, via Zapier, you can automatically create events in your calendar, integrating information between your Outlook calendar and Project Monitor.

Connect your applications and automate workflows with Zapier

Project Monitor features an API with Zapier to connect over 2,000 applications