Demand management

A complete demand management. From the idea to its conversion into project. Galvanise your project portfolio with new ideas, challenges, etc.

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Register your demands

Register all your innovations, demands, orders. In one simple screen catch the essential. All your demands who can become projects are in your base.

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Help arbitration

Plan your demands on graphs to help you take a decision. Integrate your arbitration criteria. As an example, Project Monitor enables to use the MAREVA methodology.

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Demands management

Like for your projects, manage the circle of life from your demands. Declaration, intention, arbitration, you can lead this process thanks to a workflow, manage collaborations between the enquirer and the maker, between contracting authority and project manager.

Demand management to create your projects portfolio

At the beginning of a project there is an idea, a demand, an order.

Some audacious, forced, innovative, structuring projects, that will drive the future from your company, your local authority.

Project Monitor enables you to manage all upstream projects processes. By recording clients demands in the software, contracting authority, internal clients, you will enlarge your ideas portfolio.

In a simple screen, describe demands and provide yourself with key decisions:

  • Project aims
  • Project strategical alignment
  • ROI
  • Impact on ability to do
  • Balance of your project portfolio

You have decided to convert a demand into a project? In one click, you can convert it and launch your project.

MAREVA methodology