Project tracking sheets

A project portfolio management tool keeps track of your project and helps you consolidate a large amount of key information: your team can clearly identify who's doing what and for when.

A project sheet customized to your needs

picto describe your project

Describe your project

To describe projects, Project Monitor lets you create fields of all types. These fields are fully integrated into the solution and can be used in dashboards.

Picto Select your format

Tailor your data sheets to specific uses

For the same project, Project Monitor offers as many sheets as you need. So whether you choose the summary sheet for Directors or the detailed sheet for the project team.

Picto Office Suite

Select your format

As a complement to the web files, Project Monitor offers office project files in Word and Powerpoint format, fully customizable to suit the company's corporate identity.

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Project Monitora complete project tracking tool to manage your meetings

Use Project Monitor to create presentation templates for effective project management meetings:

  • Restitution of project information via a simple and effective medium
  • Extractions possible in PPT or Word format
  • Customization of project data to be collected
  • Adapt the form with your graphic charter
  • Pre-made templates in our reference library
  • Key project information: description, project team, objectives...
  • Key progress indicators
  • schedule : GANTT - milestone monitoring
  • Tracking JH / € expenses

Key points for a successful project steering committee

At your committee meetings, do you manage to arbitrate decisions linked to your projects' lifecycle? The role of these meetings is to advance the progress of projects, make the right decisions to move them forward, and arbitrate new requests. Every member of your management team needs to have access to dashboards, forecasts and budgets, analysis of needs and resources, and the status of current projects. Project Monitor software lets you export your data to summary sheets.

Easily get your data into project tracking sheets for your meetings!

Summary sheets are available for each project in WORD / PPT / WEB format, and can be accessed by users. All information entered into Project Monitor can be transcribed into these summary sheets.

The office summary sheets work via merge and publish fields, which contain all the information you have entered on the project.

For example, the portfolios affected, the information, the project team, indicators such as the weather forecast, the monitoring of financial and human resources, etc. In other words, all the information.

Web cards open in a new window and allow you to :

ppm tool pmo


Parameterization of key information for the committee and creation of templates for project teams

ppm tool project manager

Project Manager

A precise view of project progress and portfolio health

ppm tool general manager


PPT presentations for an easy-to-understand steering committee meeting

Customize the information to be exported for your COPIL

These sheets are very much appreciated by project managers, as in just one click they have a summary of important and up-to-date project information in a format suitable for presentation and/or sharing. Project Monitor software lets you generate project sheets quickly and easily. You have the freedom to customize the content and form with your own graphic charter, and to add any type of field to best meet your requirements:

Integrate these data sheets into your projects to facilitate management and performance.

Animate your steering committees with PowerPoint or Word

From a project, the user can generate summary sheets in Web or office format (e.g. Word or PowerPoint). Summary sheets are fully configurable in terms of both content and form. It is thus possible to create summary sheets such as: launch sheets, CODIR sheets, closing committee sheets, etc.

If you're looking for an executive committee minutes template, take a look here.

Project reviews are an essential part of Project Portfolio Management. Including a recurring status update in the form of a "flash report" is a key best practice. Discover the Flash Report at Project Monitor.