Methodology support

Simple, flexible and customizable, Project Monitor adapts to your project portfolio management methodology.  

project portfolio management implementation

Agile, V cycle, PMI, prince 2 or hybrid methodology, Project Monitor helps you put your methodology into practice.

Picto Project follow-up

Ready-to-use project model

Create your projects from predefined templates. Get a complete workspace (schedule, resource, etc.). Adjust parameters specific to your project instance.

pitcto dashboard library

Automatic capitalization

Convert your projects into project models. Integrate abacus data into your project models. Make project phases available.

picto anticipation of derivatives

Applied project methodology

Translate your project method (PMI, Prince 2, Agile - stage & gate, waterfall, house) into your project templates. Checklists, standardized structures, all your project managers have to do is contextualize your project method.

1. Project Monitor helps you define a common framework for project management. Our services teams can help you define key points to harmonize practices.

2. Project Monitor supports the implementation of your methodology and helps you translate it into models, processes and governance bodies. 

3. Extremely flexible Project Monitor can accommodate several methodologies. Certain types of project can, for example, follow a Waterfall approach, while others will follow an Agile approach.

The methodology support feature is useful for every member of your organization.

ppm resource tool


Professionalize practices.
Share a common project culture.

ppm tool project manager

Project Manager

Harmonize practices.
Common reporting tools.



A single project repository:
a common platform for teams,
a standardized method,
a basis for management.

Benefits of the methodology support feature

✔ Simply implement your methodology in Project Monitor

Create project templates that meet the requirements of your methodology.

For example, you can create project templates based on the typical sequenced schedule of the Prince 2 methodology.

You can also set up validation points at the end of each sequence, in the form of a COPIL meeting.

From the data collected in the project forms, automatically generate the key deliverables of your methodologies, such as sequence deliverables.

Prince 2 project methodology

✔ Your platform evolves with your project methodology

With its high level of functional flexibility, Project Monitor gives you the freedom to configure your tool as your project methodology evolves. You can start with a "minimalist" methodology and evolve towards a more standardized one, such as PMI.

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