General Management - Strategic Projects Portfolio

Give your senior management a complete overview of your strategic projects.

An overview for easy decision-making and budget compliance

ppm project arbitration tool

Get an overview of your projects

You need an overview of the different projects being carried out by the various departments, because you want to focus on projects that need to be decided or that are drifting off course.

Project Monitor proposes :

  • Customizable multi-project dashboards
  • Project information, weather forecasts, project monitoring indicators
  • Present decision requests or Flash reports in dashboards

Portfolio review meetings are now held at Project Monitor, where decisions are recorded in real time.

Facilitate arbitration and raise alerts

You manage people, so to make decisions on projects you need both objective information (such as budget tracking or schedule), and the opinion of the project manager.

You'll need to have very concise information, but also, if necessary, something much more detailed.

That's why Project Monitor offers both :

  • Predefined kpis with factual and subjective indicators (weather, smiley faces, etc.).
  • Analysis with archived comments and flash reports

This factual information can be found in the dashboards, while the details can be found in the project sheets. You can integrate your decisions directly into the dashboards, or decide to close the item or move on to the next project.

budget monitoring tool

Control your overall budget

Each project has its own budget, but the company also needs to control its overall budget. This means controlling expenditure where there is a risk of overspending, or taking advantage of opportunities arising from postponements.

To do this, you need to be able to declare a global budget for a financial year, and to track the consumption of this budget by the various projects in real time.

Project Monitor allows you to :

  • Manage the budget for each project
  • Declare a global budget at organization level, broken down by entity
  • Real-time information on consumption and "remaining expenditure" to facilitate decision-making
  • Build the annual budget and manage validation cycles between requested and granted budgets

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8 reasons why over 250 organizations have joined us

  1. Functional scalability : targeted, progressive activation of application features
  2. Business experience : 20 years of project support
  3. Customer community a network and shared knowledge built around project management
  4. Easy adoption: take control of your projects and your project platform
  5. Information system integration  link the software to your IT system with ease via libraries of native connectors and webservices
  6. Simple, elegant designyour project platform doesn’t have to be an eyesore!
  7. Ultra-competitive TCO : a price without unpleasant surprises
  8. Consultancy DNA: support for bespoke implementation

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