Efficiently manage your construction operations to deliver on time

Managing your construction projects efficiently and delivering them on time is a real challenge. To meet this challenge, it's essential to have a global, cross-functional view of all your projects. Thanks to optimized project portfolio management, you can maximize the efficiency of your operations and keep them on time and on budget. We support OPHs, local authorities, firms and developers in managing their construction and renovation projects.

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All-in-one construction management software  

  • Don't waste time and energy juggling several software programs. Control all aspects of your construction projects in a single tool.
  • From budget planning to resource management and risk management, you have a complete set of configurable modules at your disposal.  

Gain a global, cross-functional view of your operations  

  • Visualize all your operations organized into portfolios and programs, and get an overview of projects and their interdependencies.  
  • Track the performance of multiple projects with multi-project dashboards, and quickly identify problems and actions to remedy them.  

Follow all phases of construction management  

  • From feasibility study to project closure, track all project stages to accelerate deliverability. Use summary dashboards and indicators to see the health of your projects at a glance (project weather forecasts, etc.).   
  • Get a structured, simplified and consolidated view of your project portfolio. 
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Simplify communication between all stakeholders 

  • Construction operations involve a large number of players, so centralize, store and prioritize all project information in one place. 
  • Meeting minutes, records of decisions, alerts... you'll find a wide range of customizable exchange tools to encourage information sharing. 

Collaborate simply  

  • Project owners, project managers, engineers, architects... facilitate collaboration between the various trades and project players by assigning differentiated roles.
  • For each project, each stakeholder has a vision adapted to their needs and rights, according to their responsibilities and skills on the project.   

Harmonize & standardize your processes

  • Save time by defining common processes for similar projects. 
  • Use templates and project templates to streamline your processes. 

Optimize resource allocation  

  • With an overview of all your projects, you can optimize resource allocation, assigning resources according to project needs.
  • Check overloads and progress with time recording

Manage operations budgets 

  • Plan and monitor your budgets in real time.  
  • Use dashboards to visualize ongoing expenses and budget overruns.  
  • Compare your budget forecasts with your actual budget to measure any discrepancies and points for attention.  

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"All our major investment projects are managed via Project Monitor. This gives me a 360° view of all our projects. It's very easy for me to visualize any bottlenecks and the health of projects, thanks to the weather forecast." 

"By having a complete view of projects, Project Monitor enables me to work on workload and ensure that projects and resources are in line." 

"The big advantage of Project Monitor is that we've modeled our project documents, thus harmonizing project management at CIO. This has saved us precious time when initiating projects, since we already have all our templates.Above all, we've saved over 25% on reporting time.

"Operations managers appreciate the centralization of project data. The tool is user-friendly and easy to access. 

Key features for managing construction operations  

Integrate Project Monitor into your information system with its native, standardized interfaces

Easily link the software to your information system thanks to libraries of web services and native connectors. Project Monitor is designed to be compatible with the solutions and processes you use internally:

  • Office automation
  • Financial system
  • Business Intelligence
  • Document management
  • User management
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