Project Monitor, Project Portfolio Management software

Take control of your project portfolio easily

Give yourself a complete overview of what’s going on with your projects: schedule, budgets, and resources. Make informed decisions throughout your projects’ life cycle. Discover our simple, scalable solution.

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+250 organisations and 50 000 users have chosen our Project portfolio management solution

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The simple way to manage your projects!

Make managing your project portfolio a breeze with a single piece of software. Schedule, manage, prioritise and visualise your project portfolio in a few clicks. Project Monitor makes it easy for your project teams to work with all portfolio stakeholders. You can then track and organise your projects with ease, however complex they might be!

A project portfolio management tool that’s perfect for:

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CIO & IT Manager

Manage all of your IT projects and activity

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A single tool for all your projects

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Executive management

Easily drive decisions

Plan your projects

Set out your priorities, get organised using Kanban and Gantt charts, and manage your resources and tasks. With Project Monitor, it’s easy to work with others, plan and schedule projects, and monitor their progress and deadlines. Project Monitor helps you gain better visibility of your project portfolio.

Manage your resources

Gain clearer insight into how your teams are mobilised and what they can deliver. Visualise their production capacity and progress level with integrated reports and analyses. Manage your project portfolio and its requirements – all with a single tool.

Prioritise your projects

Work together with ease, set out your priorities, manage tasks, and track their progress from the project request right through to completion. View progress reports, monitor the budget and time spent, visualise how to improve and perform as a team.

Prioritise your projects with project monitor virage group
manage your budget with project monitor virage group

Manage your budget

Plan and control your spending easily and simply. Project Monitor optimises your project budget processes: identifying and gathering requirements, financial decision-making, and expense tracking. Save more than a day a week on project management control!

A complete software solution to help you perform

Project Dashboard


Inform, alert, and make decisions with relevant information. Make informed decisions.

time tracking



Track the activity of all your employees. Activity tracking across all allocated projects.

demand management

Request management

Gather, analyse and prioritise requests. Align your portfolios with your focuses and availability.

project gantt scheduling


Visualise your project schedules with Gantt charts and timelines. Your deadlines are under control.

ressource management


Staff, track and adjust resources. Gain visibility of capacity planning and remaining tasks.

Financial project management


Plan, monitor and re-assess your projects’ budgets. Get precise analysis of your projects’ financial performance.

project collaboration


Share information, bring it to life and roll it out through reports, file-sharing, email reminders, and IT system connectors.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring

Easily access your data in project monitoring files – exportable in PPT format ready for your meetings.

Quick & scalable implementation !

Virage Group started life as a management consultancy firm. We saw that our clients needed to monitor multiple projects. All the solutions available were difficult to use and put in place. And so we decided to become a software publisher while retaining our consultancy DNA.

1 – Functionality mapping

Identify your needs and your priority goals for managing your project portfolio.

2 – Implementation & Training

The top required functionalities are implemented and training is delivered in just a few weeks, with SAAS or On-premise roll-out options.

3 – Support & Tutorials

Assistance and skills development to refine the necessary features, access to the Knowledge Centre, tutorials, webinars, and the user club.

+ 50 000




20 years

of experience

Our clients say it best

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‘ We have divided by 3 the time spent on the production of our project reviews ‘

Jean-Pierre Warion, 

Responsable du Pôle Micro-Informatique et Messagerie DSI

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‘ We have saved 1 day per week on project management control ‘

Sandrine Chabannes,

Responsable de l’unité Comptabilité, Marchés

Mousquetaires - Intermarché - PPM - PMO - Logistique

‘ We have reduced the time required for logistics programmes and projects by 30% overall ‘

Stéphane Gravit,

Responsable Développement Logistique – Projets

8 reasons why 250+ organisations have joined us

  1. Functional scalability : targeted and progressive activation of the application’s features
  2. Professional expertise : 20 years of supporting projects
  3. Customer community : a network and shared knowledge built around project management
  4. Easy adoption : take control of your projects and your project platform
  5. IT system integration : link the software to your IT system with ease via libraries of native connectors and webservices
  6. Simple, elegant design : your project platform doesn’t have to be an eyesore!
  7. Ultra-competitive TCO : a price with no (nasty) surprises
  8. Consultancy approach : support for bespoke implementation